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Full Lyrics Not Synced with Music Progress for Downloaded Deezer Songs in Poweramp Music Player on Android 12

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Dear Poweramp Music Player Forum,

I am writing to report a bug that I encountered while using the Poweramp music player on my Android 12 device. I downloaded songs from Deezer and noticed that the full lyrics of the song appear on a single screen, but they are not synced with the time of the song.


Despite playing the song, the lyrics don't scroll with the progress of the music. This makes it difficult to follow the lyrics while listening to the song. I am using the latest version of Poweramp available.

I kindly request that you look into this issue and provide a fix for it. Let me know if you need any further information or if I can be of assistance in any way.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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Are these actually synced lyrics in the first place? If you use a tag editor/viewer program or app, you can check to see what's actually contained within the MP3/FLAC/etc audio file.

If they are just plain text, that's the only way they can be displayed in Poweramp, as a block of text. For example:

All at once
I finally took a moment
And I'm realizing that
You're not coming back
And it's finally hit me all at once

However if each line starts with timecode information in the format [mm:ss.nn] to indicate when that line should be displayed, Poweramp will then be able to show the words in time with the music. For example:

[00:21.75]All at once
[00:26.50]I finally took a moment
[00:29.25]And I'm realizing that
[00:33.50]You're not coming back
[00:37.25]And it's finally hit me all at once


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Let me share the track with you. Thanks 

I checked the track, It doesn't contain time details, It's just plain lyrics. Let me try a different track 

Is there a software in which we load an album and automatically gather all they lyrics and fix the MP3 tag. 

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  • Solution

From what you've said, there is nothing to "fix", the lyrics that were supplied in your audio file are not in a synchronised format - i.e. there are no timecodes for each line - so they are displayed correctly as simple text. That is how they were designed, and that is what is meant to happen. It's like having a hymn book with all the verses of a hymn listed as text on a page, versus having the full sheet music which indicates exactly when each part should be sung. 

You could look around online for new synchronised lyric data if you want. For example I found the Whitney Huston song to which you referred at: https://www.megalobiz.com/lrc/maker/Whitney+Houston+-+All+At+Once.54801250 .

Once you've got the new content, with lines starting with "[mm:ss.nn]", you can either use a tag editor to insert that content directly into the Lyrics tag in the audio file, or use a text editor to save the content into a matching text file with the extender ".LRC" instead of ".MP3".

Note: because each line has an exact timecode reference, it is very dependent on your audio file being the same version and length as the one that was used to create the lyrics data in the first place. So for example if there's a couple of seconds of silence at the start, the times won't line up correctly throughout the rest of the playback. If present, check that the "[length:mm:ss.nn]" ID field matches exactly with your audio content (PA will also validate that info to ensure it is using the correct LRC file). If it's off by a bit, you can try adding an "[offset:nnn]" ID field to tell the player to shift the words either a bit earlier or later. nnn is in milliseconds, and can be preceded by a minus sign to indicate that the lyrics need to be shown earlier.

I think there are apps or computer programs that can try to do this and insert the data into the audio file too, and it might be possible to tell them to only search for synced lyrics rather than just lists.


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Thanks for your support, the issue is fixed I was able to edit lyrics with time synced lyrics from Lyricsify.com 


I have suggestion, we need an inbuilt lyrics edit feature in Poweramp itself 


Poweramp is staying as my favourite music player 


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5 minutes ago, princestark said:

we need an inbuilt lyrics edit feature in Poweramp itself 

I think this goes well beyond the scope of Poweramp as a premium player. 

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I think there are medium-term plans to allow the Info/Tags editor to modify/save the Lyrics tag like you can other tags, but only to the extent that you'd then be able to insert/paste your own sourced text,  it won't find the words for you.


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@andrewilley  I posted detailed feature request as well, these lyrics edit feature is much needed, now I am using an external application and refresh the Poweramp. The time synced text is easily available on internet also option to load .lrc files from file manager.


Thank you 

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