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Automatic RG Detection


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Hi, I noticed that my library had some albums with different songs that were louder/quieter, and everytime I changed a song I had my ears blasted because the volume was not even.

I took a good afternoon to apply RG to all the tracks with Foobar2000, but isn't it possible to implement a feature that could calculate for each track a RG value and save it? Manually doing it was pretty hard for me but it ended up well.


Thanks in advance.

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Adding ReplayGain values to an entire music collection in foobar2000 is pretty painless. You can do it in a single batch operation on a computer in fact: just drag your master music folder into foobar, and once the file details have imported just select them all and set the ReplayGain scanning process going and choose to Update the file tags. It might take a little while for large collections, but it's a one-off task so just let it get on with it.


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