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Would be great if you guys could add a 432hz playback option. I know its not an exact science but it's just a peace of mind for me personally.

An option to shift the pitch to -.3766 can do the same as well.

Me and a lot of others have been using the 432hz player app but it's soo riddled with bugs for years now, it's unbearable.

Please do consider this request as there's at least 500,000 of us(downloads) and a lot of paying customers who would really appreciate a major player such as yourself to integrate 432hz playback.

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Hey thanks for the reply, have great faith in you!!!

Is there any chance a toggle could be added for 432hz in the settings somewhere, I have no idea on how to use pitch controls, I tried using the one I suggested above but it only works in one app (cause the rest of the apps don't accept -ve values) so any help there like a toggle would be great or some instructions(I tried googling and as you can probably tell, I'm lost)...

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@MotleyG Nice conversation y'all had there. 

For me personally, binaural beats have worked really really well while meditating, so from that came the need for 432 playback, I don't know if it's placebo but at least it's a peace of mind, I don't want anything nagging me while I'm meditating.

Once you get deep enough in meditation the need for drugs, alcohol all just disappear. It's a great escape from pretty much everything.



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