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Marcin Vam

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One possibility would be using the 'tempo' knob for this but :

1/ It will be only an approximation due to the knob accuracy (currently 0.98x... or 98.2% playback speed by switching to percentage with 1 decimal)

2/ on build 704, the tempo setting maintains the pitch, which defeats the purpose. Hope there will be an option to disable that

3/ the sound quality with that resampler is unknown

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I agree. 432hz tuner is way better. 432hz is considered a healing frequency and that is must be in all player apps. The person who decided that 432hz was bad frequency was working for the satanic cabal. Human is poked from all sides. Spiritual, physical and God knows from where else. The Earth is set to go all the way  16th dimension and that's why we suffer attacks from 5th dimensional beings who will not get any further. We are at 5th and we are growing fast.

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