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Russian Situation


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Please see Max message to you in https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/23333-cant-chromecast-from-Poweramp/page/2/#comment-107294

@Nowired offtopic, but that’s why I move Poweramp company (and myself) out of RF. Btw all Poweramp technical infrastructure (not so much as Poweramp is offline player) is in US and always been there. See hidden content here for the details: 



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For anyone concerned, it's worth noting that Poweramp is not "a Russian app", it's a world-wide app for which the developer happens to live in Russia (along with 140 million other civilians). He has made his personal views on the current political situation in his home country quite plain, see his signature and the additional notes in: 

As far as the app is concerned, the technical infrastructure (and this forum) are based in the USA, and I'm based in the UK. Users are located in just about every country you could care to name.


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