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  1. nothing is "better" than Hi-Res (if you're human lol)
  2. what makes you think that Audio Player Pro sounds better? just curious
  3. no, not yet unfortunately... same problem here on my Note 10+ and Tab S7+ I think it's on Samsungs part to fix this
  4. you can't tell me you can hear a difference between 384 and 768... 🧐
  5. @andrewilley it's the bar in Android when you swipe down from the top two times
  6. I can recommend foobar https://www.foobar2000.org
  7. yeah! here is good start: ‎www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUt_JBMocKM
  8. sorry for bumping an old topic, but I was also wondering this. I'm using the new Galaxy Buds+ (with Note 10+) which can only handle 16bit 44khz and I can't decide if OpenSL oder Hi-Res output would be "better" in terms of sound quality. When using hi-res out put I get an Samsung UHQA PCM output of 24bit 48khz. Could someone advise?
  9. Thank you so much! I did a clean install of your test build and now it works great! There seems to be a problem with the Media Volume Sync Option in Android 10 though (see screenshot) But DVC works nonetheless on Bluetooth so It's ok I guess?
  10. ok, I tried to (first time), I hope it helps log build847.txt device_info.txt
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