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  1. Thanks Andre , I wonder if any other other apps from the RF are affected?
  2. I have uninstalled Poweramp and the unlocker then reinstalled Poweramp from play store and updated it to version 933 from Poweramp site. Sadly nothing changed , Poweramp still does not connect to google home / chromecast. Did I miss something?
  3. Oh dear ,The creator of Poweramp is Maxim Petrov , he is from Moscow Russia.
  4. Yes, Ive tried everything here too. Spotify , hificast ,neutron,ytube music all cast as normal . It's a def a Poweramp problem. pity cos it's a nice one to use .
  5. I am having the same problem here connected to google home . I sure hope they fix it quickly. I have had to use hificast untill Poweramp is fixed. hificast it's such a crappy app I now remember why I never use it, but at least it is working with Google home. Hurry up guys!!
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