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I have TBPM set for all tracks in my library... and I just realized that I have basically never used it...

I have created some playlists for running, tracks at a particular BPM, but this was done in excel... filtered out tracks with the right BPM and then picked tracks for the playlists. (One time effort, to lazy to create new lists)

I think that some versions of Samsungs default players use BPM and this let's you pick "mood" based on tempo.

At the moment TBPM isn't at all visible in the GUI... logical steps would be to first add TBPM to the Poweramp internal DB and display the value on the tags information page.

Once this is open, then the can of worms is opened and there will be requests for BPM category, sort on category...

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Where would anyone expect this to be shown - in metadata? Or would it involve some new Category or sorting method?

The first step would be to actually read the tag (if present) and save it in the database though - which would mean an update the the DB format and the scanner, plus a Full Rescan. Maybe it could then become an optional %bpm% field in the metadata tag, as per the recent discussion on customisable display lines?


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