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  1. A great album from 2010 - The Union / Elton John & Leon Russell
  2. Multiple genres is supported. I believe the proper delimiters are ";" (semicolon) and "//" (double slash). It be be great if this were also supported for Artists and Album Artists. Would be great for albums like "The Union" by "Elton John" and "Leon Russell", "Riding with the King" "BB King" and "Eric Clapton" and many others.
  3. I would think that Resume on Bluetooth / Headset should check to see if there's a call in progress before it resumes on connection. Then when call ends PA can resume playing on the current connection. If neither Bluetooth or Headset is connected - no resume.
  4. I've been very pleased with my Moto X4. Supports very large microSD cards and sound is pretty darn good with my wired headset (yes it has a headphone jack) and bluetooth in the car is great. The thing that I miss most is no wireless charging. It does have USB C coonection, has turbo charging. I did not go the Android 1 option. The Android on the phone is pretty much stock like it was on my Nexus 5 and it is unlocked. No Hi-Res, but for the most part this is mostly hype. I would bet that if you did a technical analysis of the hi-res music you'd find there's no more fidelity than a stock red book CD, especially if the master is analog to begin with. Your lossless FLAC files should sound great on this device. And the Moto X4 will easily play music with PA for however many hours you'd like in a day. I've gone 6 hours of music over both headset and also on bluetooth and used less than 30% of the battery.
  5. Thanks for pointing this thread out @TeutonJon78 . And I agree. +1
  6. Moto x4 Android Pie PA 841 Technically this isn't a bug so I'm putting it in as a feature request. Would it be possible to change the sorting of diacritically marked letters like umlaut characters so they sort with their non-diacritically marked characters? For example; currently Mötley Crue sorts at the end of my "M"'s after "The Mystics". It would be easier to find in my library if it sorted after Moody Blues and before Mountain.
  7. An album from 1973 that I got from my brother when he was in the army in Germany. A great rock band that apparently didn't have much circulation beyond Germany.
  8. I have some MP3 music purchased from Amazon and PA has no trouble with the tags. Are you sure you have PA pointed to the correct folder where all your music is on your device?
  9. I don't think Poweramp will do what you want. I've not seen a Android music player that has that much smarts. The closest thing I've seen to this is a music server app called Logitech Media Server (LMS). It has versions that run on MacOS, Windows and Linux, but not Android or iOS.
  10. Just curious if you have any real "Hi-Res" music? If it were me I'd just skip the experimental Hi-Res and be done with it. Even with true Hi-Res recordings I doubt anyone could distinguish between Hi-Res and normal CD red book rips in a moving car with road noise.
  11. Toad the Wet Sprocket / Fear. A great Pop/Rock album from 1991. As an aside, listening in the car with my 6 year old granddaughter when she said "that song has bad words Papa" so I had to skip the track. Still a great album.
  12. Seems like this would be fairly straight forward if the albums were each in their own folder. If PA in it's scanning had logic that says a given album must be in a single folder. This way you could have Artist, Album Artist and Album title be identical, but with each album in its own folder then PA would treat them as separate albums.
  13. Just to be clear, I was listening over 3.5 and did not pull the cable, but when the car pulled into the driveway the music stopped when the phone connected to the car. Seems like that if music is playing over 3.5 cable PA should ignore the car when it comes in range. Then if the cable gets pulled PA could switch to Bluetooth if it's connected, but not if the cable does not get pulled.
  14. Moto x4 Android Pie PA v841 I was working in the yard enjoying some Tom Petty with my wired headphones. My wife pulled into the driveway and my phone connected to the car and the music stopped playing through my headphones. I do have the setting to Resume on Bluetooth enabled so that when I normally get into the car with the phone in my pocket (not playing through the wired headphones) the music will resume where I left off. Since I was playing music over the wired headset when the car pulled into the driveway I would expect that PA should just keep playing over the headset rather than stopping playback because the car the phone is paired to pulled into the driveway.
  15. I would guess with this change there'd have to be a switch added to enable the Timer. It appears that the current design is setting it to zero disables the timer.
  16. I believe that V3 always supports gapless. I've had problems with some of my older rips that I used the Fraunhofer encoder, there's a slight gap on music that's supposed to be gapless and play gapless perfectly on my PC based music system (Logitech Music System). As I find them I rerip the CD using my now DBPoweramp which uses the LAME MP3 encoder and they play gapless perfectly on Poweramp. I think that the problem was the encoder and not Poweramp since they work fine after reripping.
  17. Enjoy the vacation and listen to some good music while you're at it!
  18. Can't remember which version, but one of my version upgrades caused what sounds like your stuttering problem. I don't use Hi-Res because all the music on my phone is MP3 VBR LAME V0 which is about as good as you can get in MP3 land, but by no means qualifies as Hi-Res (for that matter FLAC ripped from audio CD isn't Hi-Res either). I went to settings -> Audio -> Output -> OpenSL ES Output and then the settings gear for Wired... and Bluetooth and increased both the Buffer ms and Buffer #. This has cured the stuttering up to and including the current v840-841 versions of PA.
  19. Went a little lighter. this album has a nice light feel, kinda folksie. The Weepies / Happiness.
  20. Going for some Bluegrass from 1977. All acoustic mandolin, fiddle, guitar and stand up bass.
  21. I was referring to MP3Tag for Windows, not an Android app. I do all my ripping and tag maintenance on Windows where I keep the master copy of my music library.
  22. If you're just looking for cover art you can find almost all art either at amazon.com or allmusic.com. Then search on album or artist. Once you've got the art you want you can use MP3Tag to embed it in the MP3 files or you can just leave it as a stand alone file in the album folder.
  23. I'll jump in here. I use DBPoweramp for my ripper on Windows 10. It rips to about any format you want (FLAC, MP3 CBR/ABR/VBR, WAV, etc), get's tag info from several sources, will get album art and you can either embed the art in the music files or you can have it just place the art in the album folder as "Folder.jpg" and uses a "AccurateRip" database that verifies the rip (EAC also uses AccurateRip). In my opinion DBPoweramp is the best ripper out there, I'd put EAC in 2nd place.
  24. If I go to Library -> Album Artists it always goes to the top of the list. It would be really nice if there where an option to remember where I was last in a view. If the last time I was in Album Artist I was in the "J"'s it would be cool if the next time I went to Album Artists it would go in at the "J" item I was at the last time I was there. I would think this would be a great feature for most, if not all, of the Library -> Whatever categorizes. Thanks for the consideration!
  25. A little yard work to some of the great bands of the 60's.
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