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  1. You can do this if you use the Artist/Album(s)/Track(s) file structure. When you add an album you would create a new folder with the name of the album for that folder name. Then in the Folder List options set the sort method to "By date added/modified" Filesystem date/time and check the Reverse box. Now when you view by Folder it will be in album most recently added order.
  2. As one who almost exclusively uses the Queue rather than the "normal" method I like this proposed use of ">>Queue".
  3. Or give a selection list like Logitech Media Server after selecting the chosen Genre;
  4. Now here's something odd. I set the last song in All Songs as I previously said. The put an Album in the Queue that has 10 songs. Clear the Queue and it still shows the last song and the Queue shows 10 / 0. If I hit the >> it still stays on the last song of the album I previously had in the Queue even though i've cleared the Queue. If I don't clear the Queue at end and hit >> it also stays on the last song in the Queue rather than going to the last song in the "All Songs" category. I then let the screen on the phone switch off (time out). When I wake the phone up the Queue goes to "Empty" and the "All Songs" category is now on song 10 / 24533 of "All Songs". If the Queue had 24 songs in this scenario when I clear the Queue and let the screen sleep and then wake it up the Queue will go to "Empty" and the all songs will be on song 24 / 24533. So this sleeping and waking of the screen is causing something funky to happen where the Queue switches to empty, but the count of songs that were in the Queue is where the "All songs" category is positioned. My phone is a Moto X4 / Android 9 and I have no screen lock or fingerprint set.
  5. If it worked the way you are requesting then my first attempt of having Genre = ZZ in my 2 second "ÿÿSilent Track" track and being the only song in that Genre it would have stopped like it does at the end of "All Songs"? And for those golden eared people my "ÿÿSilent Track" is High Res. 🤣
  6. So in "normal" play mode if I've picked Genre "ZZ" and it has one song that's played and this is the last collated Genre and I hit either >> or clear the Queue the next thing set to play would be the first collating Genre of my Genres which is "Alternative"? So what you're saying is that Genre is the category, not "Genre - ZZ"? With what you said about the All Songs category I've renamed my "Silent Track" song title to "ÿÿSilent Track". This puts this song as the last song in the All Songs category and I've selected this song from the All Songs category to play. Now if I hit >> or clear the Queue it stays on this 2 second track. And I've set "Library > Lists > List Item Click Action - Enqueue and stay in list". Getting closer to my desired "Queue Only Mode". Thanks for letting me know about the All Songs exception!
  7. Neither of these replies actually answers the original question. Here's more info. In my continuing quest for Queue only mode I've created a 1 second mp3 that is just silence and set the "Ignore Short Tracks to Don't ignore - Include all". I set the genre of this 1 second mp3 to zz and select to play the zz genre and repeat is set to off. I then will put something in the Queue and it plays to the end and stops as I've set the "On Queue End to Stay in Queue". If I then clear the Queue the now playing shows something other than the zz genre category that I previously selected. Shouldn't it have stayed in the same category that I had previously set before I started the Queue?
  8. Just stating how it works, not trying to make excuses. This is how it works in Logitech Media Server, my Sony NW-A45, Windows Media Player. These are the one I'm familiar with, but I'd guess if a player supports the Album Artist and Artist tags it will work this way.
  9. If you play a category like a specific Genre what should happen when the player gets to the end of that category?? Should it stop? If not stop, what determines what's played next?
  10. What you need to do is have Album Artist all the same like Andre says, something like Various or Soundtrack. Then the Artist should be equal to the artist performing the song like Third Eye Blind, Elton John, etc. This will put the soundtrack songs together in a single album. It works this way in all music players that I'm aware of that support the Album Artist tag.
  11. Thanks for the reply Andre. I understand that it would be up to @maxmp. I know he reads these forums and I can only hope he'll consider this feature request.
  12. I would show the stock kind of record album cover art (darker gray square border with a lighter gray circle with spindle hole in the center) that says something like Queue Empty. I would then go along and select a new music population for the player (Queue). Sorry, it's just the method I've used in all my other players over the last 20 years. As said, I've got all the tweaks you've mentioned so far in play and it comes close to the way I prefer that there was a mode for. Thanks for a great player that I use exclusively on my android devices.
  13. When you select "Settings > Library > Queue > On Queue End - Stay in Queue / repeat Queue" the player stops and does not return to "normal" playback. I would just like it to stay that way (stopped) when I clear the Queue. Nothing would be something if there were such a thing as a "Queue only mode".
  14. @andrewilley, Thanks for the reply. I do have all the settings that you referenced set as you describe and in addition Settings > Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue - Immediately. In the Queue only mode I would like a couple of changes to this that would come even closer to a Queue only mode. 1- The "Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue" would be honored even after a Clear Queue is executed. 2- A short tape on a song would prompt for "Next" or "End" of Queue or a short tap would default to "End" of Queue and a long press would prompt like it does now.
  15. I prefer using the Queue as I can add songs / albums or just about anything to the end of the Queue without interrupting what is currently playing. If this were a mode you would long press an Album / Artist / Album Artist / Genre and be given a choice of "Add to end" or "Play Next". A short tap on Album / Artist / Album Artist / Genre would drill into that item. If you tapped a song it would default to "Add to end" or long press to "Play next". When you picked to clear the Queue everything in the Queue would be removed and the player would stop. The Queue would support Shuffle and repeat Queue options. Other than having this play mode this is the best player I've come across, THANKS!
  16. My MP3Tag settings; This way I remove all tags except for ID3v2.3. The method I use is - Edit -> Select all -> Edit -> Cut -> Edit -> Paste. This removes all tags and then writes fresh ID3v2.3 UTF16 which works perfectly for all my MP3 files/players including Poweramp.
  17. Some great tunes I grew up with. Beach Boys / Greatest Hits
  18. I thought I was paying attention... Haven't heard of a plan for a V4 of Poweramp??
  19. You can use a USB cable, connect your phone to the PC. Once connected, on the phone you will need to tell Android that the connection is allowed to do file transfer. My phone is not recognized by my PC so I use an app called AirDroid which then allows me to transfer files either to or from my PC through a web browser.
  20. The Queue will do exactly as you want. In your settings go to Library -> Queue -> On Queue End - select Stay in Queue... (I also set Start Playing Queue - After the current song). To put an album in the Queue just long press the album and a pop-up will be displayed and you can select Queue. Then hit the ">>" in the Play to advance to the first song in the Queue. If you are listening and decide to add another album to play after the current album you can go into your library categories and add to the Queue by long pressing a Folder, Album, Song, or even add a whole Album Artist. A caveat on adding a whole Album Artist, the songs of the artist will be put in the Queue in alphabetical order rather than Album / Track number order and I've not found a way for this to be changed to Album / track within Album order. Also if you have tagged multiple Artists in your tags this will only add the albums with just that individual Artist in the tags.
  21. After the Gold Rush is a great album! I've been a Neil Young fan since Buffalo Springfield, especially Buffalo Springfield - Again (1967).
  22. Giving the most recent Eagles (2007) another spin. I'd give it 4 of 5 stars.
  23. I have it enabled for both Artist and Album Artist using the semi colon as a delimiter since that's what I've used for years in LMS on my home stereo system. Seems to work perfectly. I got rid of the AC/DC exclusion because I don't use a single front slash as a delimiter so AC/DC works just the way it is without needing special handling. Thanks @maxmp !
  24. Since all my music is structured "Artist/Album(s)/Tracks" and I typically am an Album type person I use the Folders option and list in reverse order by file system date to see a listing of recently added albums. I do it this way because there is no way to get the "Recently Added" category to list by this same criteria. Now if we had the ability to rename categories I would remove "Recently Added" and then rename Folders to "New Music".
  25. This is kind of Pop/Rock with a hint of Country... Very good!
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