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Id3 tag date bug


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Why does Poweramp doesn't read id3 date and month tag. It only sorts in year order even if my mp3 files have date and month in id3 tags. Look at the screenshots below. IMG_20210901_125438.thumb.jpg.ca17b7e18bf4b76a98ad22cb6ee8e3c3.jpgIMG_20210901_125448.thumb.jpg.aacfc1a6a02369e44865ca3c99ffcc98.jpgIMG_20210901_125508.thumb.jpg.18dcf06611c208f11d681ddecb8549c5.jpgIMG_20210901_125429.thumb.jpg.08380bc6a638351154e2519ee76f314f.jpg

Basically all I'm saying is I need to sort my albums in "year - reverse" but Poweramp is not reading date and month tag.

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The PA menus are fairly clear that the app currently only supports sorting by 'Year'. The scanner can still read non-standard TYER tags that have month and day info appended too, but it doesn't store or use that information in its database, only the first four digits.

Also, albums don't technically have metadata at all - songs do. PA does its best to interpret an album's release year from what is contained in the individual tracks, but if tag data varies from song to song (such as for a compilation album) the results can be unpredictable.

Thread moved to Feature Requests, see also:


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