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  1. Why does Poweramp doesn't read id3 date and month tag. It only sorts in year order even if my mp3 files have date and month in id3 tags. Look at the screenshots below. Basically all I'm saying is I need to sort my albums in "year - reverse" but Poweramp is not reading date and month tag.
  2. Hey guys. I have a small question related to id3 tagging.. All my music files have complete tags including album artist, composers and lyrics, except for comment field. So what exactly is the comment field used for? Should I write my own comment or do I need to search for the songs details on Google? Any details on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Looks fine here.. Try changing the font ✌
  4. @erbon @erbon even I was thinking the same. There are many free Music players on the play store with less than 10,000 installs and still has artist bio feature, I don't think that those developers are paying $5 for artist bio. I'm thinking that there's another way to get artist bio without paying any $.
  5. Hi guys.. I have some feature requests, which I think would make Poweramp even better. 1) Artist Biography- It would be very useful if Poweramp could fetch artist biography. Nowadays every Music player out there in the play store has this feature. I've edited a picture for reference. 2)Dedicated Lyrics button in the player screen (look at the edited picture below) 3)ability to hide album name in the player screen and lists (I even contacted some skin devs and they said they couldn't do it) I would be really happy if any of the single Features from this list be implemented in Poweramp. Thank you.
  6. It's called "Liv Dark Poweramp Skin" it's a paid app. There's also a free version by the same dev called "Improved Poweramp v3 Skin". 👍
  7. U can customize Player UI with Poweramp skins. The skin I'm using in the screenshot is called "Liv Dark Poweramp".
  8. I'm on Android 11 (Miui 12)
  9. Sorry for my mistake. Any android app that can do that?
  10. I want to export my complete Music library in text format but I tried exporting my whole library as a m3u8 playlist, but after looking at text editor the name that are shown in the m3u8 are based on mp3 files names (for ex - "08-Starboy-the-Weeknd). Basically I want to export my Music library in "Title-Artist" format (for ex - "Starboy - The Weeknd".
  11. Hey.. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this method, but the name that are shown in the m3u8 is based on mp3 file name rather than "artist-title" or "title-artist".
  12. Hi guys. I need help regarding exporting my Music library in text format. I know this isn't related to Poweramp, but is there any way I can export my complete Music library in text format. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. (note - I don't have a PC right now)
  13. @andrewilley screenshot from the Spotify app
  14. Finally.. Wrong alignment bug on Miui Android 11 has been fixed. Thanks for the update 👍
  15. @maxmp facing same problem. After updating my Redmi k30 to Android 11 (Miui 12) track number and AZ scroll indicator has misaligned, it didn't happen in Android 10.
  16. This trick really helped me a lot man ❤ actually I thought that there was no way I could tag songs with explicit icon, but now I'm really happy that there is a workaround for it. Thanks for the tips 👍
  17. Wow. This trick to tag explicit songs is awesome. Thanks for explaining. 👍
  18. How did you get that "e" (explicit) tag in the title. What tag app do you use?
  19. Just tested it, track counter bug has been fixed. Thanks for the new update 👍
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