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  1. Finally.. Wrong alignment bug on Miui Android 11 has been fixed. Thanks for the update 👍
  2. @maxmp facing same problem. After updating my Redmi k30 to Android 11 (Miui 12) track number and AZ scroll indicator has misaligned, it didn't happen in Android 10.
  3. This trick really helped me a lot man ❤ actually I thought that there was no way I could tag songs with explicit icon, but now I'm really happy that there is a workaround for it. Thanks for the tips 👍
  4. Wow. This trick to tag explicit songs is awesome. Thanks for explaining. 👍
  5. How did you get that "e" (explicit) tag in the title. What tag app do you use?
  6. Just tested it, track counter bug has been fixed. Thanks for the new update 👍
  7. Hi guys. Please suggest me a id3 tag search app for Android which can automatically find composers for my songs. I've already tried Automa tag editor and auto tag editor, those apps are really good for tagging mp3 files but none of these apps doesn't search for composers. They only find title, album name, artist, and track no. I need an app which can automatically search for composers for songs. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. @andrewilley thank you so much man. Full rescan solved this problem. (by the way I'm a long time Poweramp user, never faced this kind of issue before. In the previous builds songs tags were recognising as soon as I move a new song to my selected folder. Do I need to do a full rescan everytime I add a new song?????
  9. @andrewilley I'm using file Explorer. Never faced this kind of issue in the previous versions.
  10. As you can see in the screenshots, song is not showing any tags other than file name for newly added songs. The song shown in the screenshot has full tags. No problem with the older songs. This only happens after adding new songs. Hoping @maxmpwill fix this bug soon
  11. Hi @maxmp.. Dvc is not working in Bluetooth after updating my poco x2 (Redmi K30) to Android 11. I've tried resetting and disabling absolute volume still no luck. Volume is extremely low when using Poweramp with Bluetooth. It could be really helpful if there is any solution to this problem. Thank you.
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