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  1. the full scan methode is in the same menu as the scan option. you need to scroll down to the bottom. i got the same problem but this isnt solving it for me. got 2000 song with missing tags (or they arent read). hope this solves it for you
  2. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and with my old sdhc cart everything was fine today i upgraded to a sandisk ultra micro sdxc 128gb and copied my 80gb music on it ALL mp3 files have perfect tags. everything from album cover to publisher. but the app wont read them properly. I got like 2000 songs that are listed as no artist and no album and everything is unknown. but like 9000 songs are listed correctly is this a problem of the sd cart or with the app or is the database size limited? would be nice to get a solution (btw: got the newest Poweramp version available)
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