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Updated: Poweramp 2.0.5 build-488


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Poweramp 2.0.5 build-484

my problem is the classic theme (using Asus transformer 3.2) doesn't display a full album art in the design album slot.. it shows the album art but the size is only like 20% big.. This is my only problem.. after fixing this i can go back to using this in my car..Thanks

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- fixed issue with SRS button overlap on some custom ROMs

- toned StereoX down a bit

- balance knob is less sensitive now

- added equ reset confirmation

- added option not to pause on calls

- added ability to re-skin all Poweramp screens

- fixed few translations issues (thanks to Budi Pang, "Cye3s")

- fixed issue with some CUEs not being processed

- added detection for broken Unlocker

- few other bug fixes and stability improvements

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thanks for the Update ,

with the v 2.05.484 a lott of trouble,

freezes in bluethooth,to much rescan libarary and folders,generaly up the version 2.0

that was better in the last v 1.4.387

the best for me to the update to 2.0 was the sound the are great!!!

at last from me the Poweramp is from version to version always slower in my HTC Wildfire,not CPU Usage,this have not changed,

the reaction time is me to slow !!!

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The last few versions seem to be a hit and miss when it comes to SRS support. I'm using Incredible S with Virtuous Affinity 2.05.0. After updating to 2.05 build-487 yesterday, SRS works no more. It simply lower the volume and I can hear no effects at all. Hope this problem can be solved soon. Thanks! :(

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I've had issues with 484 and ICS on my SGS2 where it'll work perfectly happily in the car dock, then if I start/stop/start a few times, it'll suddenly start failing to play songs and just silently skip through them all one by one until it eventually says "Too many failed songs - stopping list" (or something to that effect). It didn't do this prior to the 484 update. If I switch to another Music app in the interim, then it plays the same files just fine, it's as if the file references are suddenly being orphaned.

I tried a full data-wipe, didn't help matters.

Will try later with 488 and see if it's any better.

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Max, please add support for FLV files (audio only not video) in Poweramp v2.1.

FLV is as video is either encoded in h.263 or in VP6/ VP6-alpha --but I am only requesting support for the audio stream only.

Please also address the issue with opening files from file-managers (especially a bug when accessing "Settings")


And also MegaByte display option not just KB


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Poweramp v2.0.5-build-488

so i hooked my tablet up to my car stereo today and i noticed that Poweramp isn't loud as some other music players..

1. all music eq flat

2. max volume on all music player

3. other music players sounds almost twice as loud.. at max

is there something im doing wrong? i only really notice the difference in the car not on my headphones

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