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  1. One of the last couple of betas seems to have fixed an issue I was having where PA would randomly start playing a few minutes after disconnecting from my Android Auto head unit. That was embarrassing a couple of times, thanks Max!
  2. It will play the first match and then seemingly returns to "All tracks" mode without creating a playlist of anything related to the artist search. If there's a setting to get it to automatically create, and play, a playlist of the artist or album or whatever, then I'd love to know how. I don't think it's a "bug" as such, probably just a misconfiguration or unimplemented feature. Maybe Android 5.0 and the new Google Now will help matters given it can search within 3rd party apps better.
  3. Turn the low frequencies up. Or just use the "Bass" or "Bass Extreme" preset.
  4. I've had issues with 484 and ICS on my SGS2 where it'll work perfectly happily in the car dock, then if I start/stop/start a few times, it'll suddenly start failing to play songs and just silently skip through them all one by one until it eventually says "Too many failed songs - stopping list" (or something to that effect). It didn't do this prior to the 484 update. If I switch to another Music app in the interim, then it plays the same files just fine, it's as if the file references are suddenly being orphaned. I tried a full data-wipe, didn't help matters. Will try later with 488 and see if it's any better.
  5. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1291-title-display-on-bluetooth-headset/ http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/527-avrcp-1314/ The feature largely relies on the native bluetooth stack on the phones being updated to a newer version (so that it supports at least AVRCP v1.3). On most phones, this is not likely to happen. The bluetooth stack in CyanogenMod supports this feature, it remains for it to be implemented in 3rd party players (i.e. Poweramp)
  6. DSPs should generally be bypassed unless they are to improve acoustic limitations of the room or if you want "interesting" effects. Via headphones they should virtually never be necessary if improving quality is a goal. EQ's are a different story though, if your headphones/speakers lack certain frequency response, then EQs are what you want to try and get a decent flat reponse curve out of them. The audio processors in some phones are a bit lacking, so EQ's can (at least partially) compensate for that as well. If you like excessive bass or whatever, then YMMV. Other DSPs should presumably be ineffectual if the DVC option is enabled in PA. With that option off then you should be able to tweak to your heart's content.
  7. Aha, I missed that requirement. That would explain why it's not on my Samsung. Cheers!
  8. If it has a Cyanogenmod firmware on it, then this can result in the same folder effectively being scanned twice depending on the version & configuration of it. (/mnt/emmc and /sdcard/external_sd). If the folder is explicitly specified as the _only_ folder to scan, then the only reason I can see that it might duplicate is if you've someone got a circular link in the filesystem, which would be very unusual. I'm running a Samsung firmware, and the relevant paths I can select would be: /mnt/sdcard /mnt/sdcard/music /mnt/sdcard/external_sd /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/music My music lives in the last folder, any of the previous folders being checked will cause it to get scanned twice if I have the top level /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/ link checked as well as any of those. Remember that there's the _seperate_ section at the very bottom of the list that only applies to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd (and its subfolders) - make sure that nothing in any subfolders in here is checked. It would be a good feature for Poweramp to display a partial checkbox if there are any detected subfolders checked further down the folder heirarchy. It's good that Poweramp lists any detected mounts as it means that unusual systems like CM's /mnt/emmc/ is detected, as well as external USB mounts, but it does require a bit more vigilance in cases like the SGS2 which uses nested folder links to the mountpoints.
  9. There's an app called GMusic Sniper which will make other apps able to see the Google Music files.
  10. There's a StereoX control. Is that what I'm looking for?
  11. I just enable the multi-tap button, then the headset buttons can skip.
  12. +1 - This would be magic. A car-friendly skin with big easy-to-press buttons would be very nice.
  13. You don't need BBE, you've got a multichannel EQ.
  14. Where's the option to enable/disable beats and/or srs? I may be blind but I just can't find it.
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