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  1. I see people have seen but not replied to this... I'm pretty sure many people don't even know what the Haas effect is... Here's a video explaining it... Use Headphones to experience the effects..
  2. Could we possibly have this feature added if possible.. This is one of the main reasons I root to use this feature on Viper4android but rooting is becoming so much harder these days.. Having this will give us a better 3D soundstage.. I feel like this would be a better feature than stereo Expand.
  3. Different Eq settings for different bluetooth devices would be the best added feature...
  4. Yes I was just about to Request this Feature!!!!!!!!
  5. Loving this new player.. once its stable you should make this a new app so you can regain you some money..Maybe "Poweramp HD"..lol Because its about time us long time subscribers pay up some more money for your hard work.. keep it coming..
  6. Same here.. vocals not as crisp and my lower-end bass notes dont sound as natural.
  7. Could we get a volume slider on the left screen of the album art? I hate to look on the sides of my tablet or to go into the audio menu just to turn up or down my music.. make it appear/disappear with the repeat icon..
  8. i say win8.... an metro version would be nice.. they will need a powerful music player like that once win8 tablets start coming..
  9. Go to the 7 eleven or corner store and buy a visa prepaid card.. they are $5 and put some money on the card..
  10. login to your old gmail account.. go to play store and re-download Poweramp.. it should be free if u already paid for it
  11. Poweramp could stand to be a lil bigger.. the #1 music app on the market can do this.. and yes you right not everyone has problems but more members could help and learn new things from this forum.. yes true but now-a-days people want apps.. but the browser is still ok.. its better than nothing
  12. it would be nice and more helpfull if we had a built in app or a native app for the forums..launch it by meun>forums which would be the forums section... More people would use it cuz not everyone knows about this website
  13. i feel u cuz with my tablet with honeycomb 3.2 the font is too small for me well driving so the zoom to fill screen mode is nice with 2.0.5 but is gone with 2.0.6.. and no im not talking about the album art.. if u dont know what zoom to fill screen is for honeycomb 3.2 than google around about it... also with zoom to fill screen with third party skins the album art doesnt show right...
  14. could we see a classic theme update soon? .. one to fix the small album art in zoom mode.. or at-least an update in general?
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