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  1. I have one music folder with mp3, flac, mp4 inside. Usually it's sorted by album in a subfolder inside. When scanning, I make sure the root music folder is selected.
  2. I've been having some issue on Poweramp lately. I've just update to cyanogen mod custom rom lately (I'm using Samsung s3 international version) and since then, Poweramp is not able to scan all music folders on my sdcard. I have tried searching possible solution on this forum but haven't seen any. Can someone help me on this? It has been a pain on the neck. To provide further details: Device: Samsung S3 GT-19300 Android Version: 4.4.2 Rom: Fusion (CyanogenMod Version 11) Kernel: Boeffla I have tried the following: - deleting .nomedia file on the root folder - clear cache at media scanner (which I find rather irrelevant since Poweramp has it's own media scanner (?) ) - reformatting my 64gb sd card and re-uploading music files. - clear davlik, fix permission, delete cache - reinstall Poweramp - disable auto-scan - properly select music folder All of which did not help with my problem.
  3. I'm using samsung galaxy s wifi 5.0 firmware version 2.3.5
  4. Hi max. I'm having a poblem with Poweramp 2.0.5. The sound quality of the mids and vocals seems to be distorted. Reverted back to 2.0.4 and it's back to normal. Is there any tinkering I can use to fix this?
  5. sq changed. I thought 2.0.2 build-457 have the best sound quality by far but I cannot revert anymore because of the random crashes. I still think Poweramp is the best app in the market though
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