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  1. @tetzu, I hope you're still reading this thread because I'm having the same problem as you. I'm using Xperia ZR though with the latest .101 firmware. My usage pattern is like this:1. I have a BT music receiver in my car to stream music from my phone to the car stereo2. I use a NFC tag to automatic the process to turn on BT of my phone which then pair with the music receiver automatically (with Trigger and Tasker together)3. I also use Poweramp to play music from my phone4. Screen is switched off during music playback5. When I power off my car, the music receiver is off too automatically6. When
  2. I found that by changing the download URL manually with your desired version in the filename usually work.
  3. I'm having a problem with the internal playlist (not file-based). Every time after a reboot, the songs inside any playlist will be gone. The playlist is still there but nothing inside. I've tried many versions from build-480 to build-488 and all have this issue. My phone is Incredible S using IceColdSandwich 6.2 (Android 4.0.3).
  4. The last few versions seem to be a hit and miss when it comes to SRS support. I'm using Incredible S with Virtuous Affinity 2.05.0. After updating to 2.05 build-487 yesterday, SRS works no more. It simply lower the volume and I can hear no effects at all. Hope this problem can be solved soon. Thanks!
  5. @Max, I previously reported that SRS effect cannot resume automatically on next playback (setting is still selected though). I seem to have find a solution. I have to enable Keep Service and disable Resume On Headset Connect. But this way, I have to manually press the play button after plugging in my earphone. Hope this can help you with your investigation. Thanks!
  6. @max I am now using 2.0 release but my SRS problem still persist. Today I tested more by plugging and unplugging my earphone many times when screen is both on and off. In fact, I found that the problem is intermittent and not related to screen state. Is there anything more I can do to help you troubleshoot?
  7. Max Today I tested a bit more on the SRS issue and found that the problem seems to occur only if I plug/unplug my earphone when the screen is off. As you said, if I do it when the screen is on, SRS effect is retained.
  8. I'm using HTC Incredible S on Trinity SensationXL ROM (Android 2.3.5 + Sense 3.5). I mostly use Resume On Headset Connect to start playing. I wonder if it's the reason.
  9. I'm using beta 3, just found a minor bug. The SRS settings doesn't seem to save. If I turn it on, listen to some songs and quit the app. Next time when I run the app again, "SRS Enhancement" is selected but the effect is just not there. I have to press that option again and immediately I can hear the difference.
  10. I completely agree with huheeje. The Play and Shuffle buttons in 1.x work very well and there's no reason to remove them. The queue function sometime requires additional steps to do the same thing.
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