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  1. thanks for the Update , with the v 2.05.484 a lott of trouble, freezes in bluethooth,to much rescan libarary and folders,generaly up the version 2.0 that was better in the last v 1.4.387 the best for me to the update to 2.0 was the sound the are great!!! at last from me the Poweramp is from version to version always slower in my HTC Wildfire,not CPU Usage,this have not changed, the reaction time is me to slow !!!
  2. In the new version 1.3 build 342 works perfect.it is a little big longer the time when i press on the albumart.great work thanks
  3. i have a problem with the album art .i have not mark ''download albumart; prefer downloaded album and song change gestures ,list change gestures .when i put on the album art in the payer modus he make a connection to inet to search album art it is not good please make a new point for nothing by gestures.sorry my version is 1.2.330 phone htc wildfire.or is this a mistake from me.my wish it when i put on album art or cover does nothing.this is a great player today and in the future of android. best greats miblu
  4. hi maxmpz in the next future i became for my work a second phone. the problem is the phone has the same google account we my privat phone .give's a problem whit two phones on the same google account or licenses.its is not a problem to pay 2 licenses! please tell my a way to make it.thanks
  5. hey thank you for the great player ,she is very good for the future request,i have a wildfire but she has a small cpu ,i have problems when the title or album and title in the mini display to long is for the display, than beginn to scrolling and the cpu must of 50 to 60 % normaly is 10% ,please set in the settings a new feature for low cpu to turn off.this Player has many potential a great work.last question what time come the next version? best greats miblu
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