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Android 12 dev preview

John Titor

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@andrewilley google seem determined to get rid of the external sdcard.  With android10 they had screwed things (up badly) down so much that they had to release android 11 to repair the potential damage. For example, lots of apps use libraries from other developers.They quickly realised that unless all developers updated their code, around 90% of apps would stop working. This was never going to happen. As an example, my app NPM uses the jid3 library which alows editing of mp3 tags.This library s quite old and has not seen any development for a long time so not allowing certain file io operations would kill this functionality. 

With android 11 you cannot generally write anywhere, only inside the app's own folder structure (/data/app name) File managers etc will require special permissions and google approval. I suspect this time they relax sdcard access a little more.


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