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Found a bug in list options

Jaded Scorpion

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Hi guys. I've found a bug in list option. When using show titles only in list options it is getting applied to whole library. For Ex : Look at the screenshots, I have set "show titles only" in all songs but it's also applied in playlists aswell. But If I disable show titles in playlists it also gets disabled in whole Poweramp library. Please fix this bug.

My device - Redmi K30/POCO X2 running Android 10 (Miui 12)

Poweramp Version - 833 






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Having checked, I find the same. Certain categories seem locked to each other with respect to the 'Show Titles Only' setting. If one of them is adjusted, the same setting seems to get applied across All Songs, Playlists, Queue, and the various generated categories such Top/Low Rated, Most/Recently Played, Recently Added, etc.

Also, the 'Recently Played' list has its 'Show Titles Only' option greyed out and not changeable for some reason.


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