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Poweramp build 883-884


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Builds 883-884:

  • Poweramp now uses the only track in folder for CUE, if track resolution otherwise failed
    This makes CUE resolution a bit more resilient to CUE errors
  • Play Next action is always enabled
  • new Play Next: Start Queue option
  • File Access Legacy Mode is also enabled for Android 11
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates


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Play Next was already implemented. This new methodology simply allows you to make the choice between adding to the start or end of the queue' on the fly, rather than it being a pre-defined global option.

I like the fact that adding something at the start of the queue seems to have an option to atomically trigger playback too. [Edit: actually it doesn't, it just overrides the immediate/after song/after category setting. It might actually be better to offer all three options in that setting, so 'Play Next' has the same set of choices as 'Add to Queue']

@maxmp Just a thought, but if the user enqueues something as either After Current Song or Immediately, but playback is currently stopped, perhaps playback of the queue should commence immediately?


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I'm after the groups opinion here if possible - I'm not seeing the Bookmark icon show up, although the setting is enabled and the minimum track length is set to 1 minute.

The +- 10 secons buttons are, however. 

Any thoughts on why the book mark button isn't showing up in the info screen?

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11 hours ago, Auskirgan said:

I'm after the groups opinion here if possible - I'm not seeing the Bookmark icon show up

Manual bookmark creation does not require any particular track length, and it does not use a player screen icon. You simply long-press on the cover artwork in the player screen (or tap the three-dots icon) and choose Bookmark. That will make the current track, at its current playback position, appear in the 'Bookmarks' library category so you can retrieve it and continue listening later. 

Are you possibly confusing the Bookmark feature with the automatic 'Store/Restore Per-Track Progress' setting (which unlike Bookmarks, does depend on track length)?


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*EDIT* - Resolved. When going into release notes and hitting the link to enable the bookmarks it took me to a different place to where I'd gone manually in the past. 

My bad, and it's resolved. 

@andrewilley Thanks for your reply - unfortunately the bookmark choice is not visible on my player at all, either with the long press or the 3 dots option. 

I'm on 875-882. Any suggestions on what is going wrong?



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4 hours ago, Auskirgan said:

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately the bookmark choice is not visible on my player at all, either with the long press or the 3 dots option. 

Sorry, that's my fault for not thinking to mention that. I had wrongly assumed that as you were trying to add bookmarks, you had already enabled the Bookmarks category within the top-level Library view. There are so many possible items available in the main Library list that it makes sense to allow users to only display the categories that they plan to use, with Library > three-dots menu icon > List Options > tick or untick Categories as required.

Sounds like you've got it sorted now though, as without the Bookmarks category being enabled to view in the top-level Library view, you won't see the Add Bookmark option in current-song menus.


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This is probably the wrong topic but I'll give it a shot, I'm running Android 10 custom ROM and even though the Hi-Res output seems to function, when I enable it the volume of the wired AUX is really really low compared to Audio Track and OpenSL 16 bit. I have a Snapdragon 625 Redmi note 4x my Poweramp build is be 884.


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5 hours ago, agsthy said:

Inside the album list, the songs appear repeated

Does this happen with all songs in your Library or just some? And do both of the duplicate versions play, or does one of them show a brief 'File Failed' error before skipping on to the next song?

Check Settings > Library > Music Folders and make sure that only the folder(s) that contain your music files are ticked. If there are any extra virtual/symbolic mirror copies visible, make sure they are unticked. Then try Settings > Library > Full Rescan to remove any old instances that may have come from previous SD Card installs, etc.

If it's only a few songs, long-press on each song title in turn and view Info/Tags for each of them. That will tell you where the files are physically located in the file system on your device, which might indicate that you actually have two copies of the same file by accident.


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Hi Max

My setup:

Device: FiiO M15
OS: Android 7
Library: flac only, 20000 Songs, 1TB Storage, High Res 24bit /44/48/96/176/192, Red Book 16 bit /22/44
High Res setting: 192

Following observation: If the High Res output is used, one CPU get utilized by 100%, it not depends on SW or SoX re-sampler, even enabling/disabling of the equalizer not changes the behavior. The Result is a fast battery drain and reduces the 10 hour playtime on balanced output with over ear mode (Denon AH-D7200) to 5 hour playtime. Unusable!

This is a bug in FiiO M15. But how ever it would be more than usefull to have a functionality like below.

Playing the same file over the OpenSL ES output has normal low CPU usage.

Question here: Why is there a up-sampling in the first place? Why you are not simple preserve the original sample rate 24/XXX 16/XX and deliver it to the internal DAC. I don't talk about bitperfect. Simply take what it is and pass it to the DAC, equalizer and DVC will not be affected with this option.

At the moment we have with Poweramp the choice between corona and influenza ;-), everything gets down-sampled to 16/48 (Android) or up/down-sampled 24/XXX (High Res) and booth is not making the Music better.

Waiting for the next beta to test the new High Res driver setting "Preserve orig. Sample Rate  [X]"

Best Regards,

PS: Just to complete the observation: Setting the sample rate to the matching of the played file brings the CPU back to normal.


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