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  1. Hi Max, I have google mini device however whenever i try cast music from Poweramp it does connect...but nothing plays..also all google assistance command work..but there is no sound. Is this a known bug or google mini bug any idea? Or how to fix it?
  2. Hi can u check if we activate hi res output..we get distorted sound at higer bass?
  3. Hi I m using JBL c300si ..right or left speaker sometime gets distorted sound on high bass Can u share it settings mate?
  4. @maxmp im using Redmi note 4x stock miui 9 android 7.0 When I activate the hi res output...at higher volume sound gets cranky when on higher bass..is this a bug? Or anyone facing it? Can anyone share the ideal setting or help me out with this issue? Cc @andrewilley
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