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Changing sampling rate automatically by source sample rate

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Poweramp is a great music player and the audio quality is outstanding. But if there's a automatic sampling rate adjust being introduced to the app , it will be even better. That's adjusting the sampling rate of the Hi-res output accordingly to source file, in order to bypass all the sampling rate conversion. For example, I am having a 44.1Khz song and the next one is 96Khz Hi-res. Everytime I have to manually change the sampling rate inside Hi-res tab, not to mentioned that config is deep in the menu and you need some time to locate it. Other music players such as Usb Audio Player Pro has this feature implemented, too. I not saying the amp is bad in comparison to that player, the user interface and animation is way better, but mostly the audio quality and convenience to use is much more important, right? 

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Max has said on multiple occasions that while this would be technically possible, it would cause a lot of other issues such as noise/glitches between tracks, breaking crossfade and gapless playback, etc. Also remember that not all frequency/bitrate combinations are available on all devices, so it might have to just choose the closest match anyway. 

His suggestion was that you use the highest rate that you have files for (and that your device supports) and let PA upsample any lower res tracks.


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