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  1. In Linux, I use the Music Player Daemon with Cantata as the graphical front end. I does everything I want in a music player, which is to stay out of my way and just let me listen to my music! I don't need all of that social media and "discovery" nonsense. I already know how to find music I like.
  2. I suppose that might fool the ignorant, but those of us who don't want our music artificially bass boosted and have the means to see what the current bit rate our device is actually outputting would drop Poweramp in a heartbeat and never look back.
  3. Adding the ability for player output to match the source file would require "months and months" of development time? Really? However, I will say that any attempt to gouge existing customers by charging extra for this feature will not likely go over well.
  4. I'm not sure what you're talking about. There are a number of other audio players for Android that are able to automatically set the playback sample rate based on the source file, so it has nothing to do with Google or Android and everything to do with the developer of Poweramp stubbornly refusing to even entertain the idea of adding this feature to his software until recently.
  5. Well, this is certainly more promising than the hard "no" we've gotten earlier in response to this request. I've stopped using Poweramp because of its inability to automatically play files at their native sample rate, but if this feature is added, then I'll never use anything but Poweramp because I love everything else about the software.
  6. Yes, I'm aware of the excuses, and yet at least half-a-dozen other Android audio players have implemented such a feature without the difficulties described. You might say, "Well then, why don't you use one of those other apps instead?" and I am -- Neutron, at the moment -- but it also can't be denied that Poweramp has the best interface on the market, and I would love to see its functionality expanded to include a highly requested feature that should almost be considered standard for an "audiophile" music app.
  7. I would dearly hope a truly useful feature like allowing Poweramp to follow the frequency of the source files would be considered long before a novelty feature like allowing your music to be played back at the incorrect pitch. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Yes, "bit perfect" is often used when one means "no resampling". The latter, of course, would be a very worthwhile feature for Poweramp. All the silly excuses for not implementing it, such as breaking crossfading, or that not every device supports all sample frequencies, could be mitigated with a simple disclaimer on the option screen that says, "Warning! Setting output frequency to follow the source file may not be supported by all devices and can break other features like crossfading and gapless playback. Only enable this option if you know what you are doing!" Boom. Done. The present workaround of setting a single frequency and forcing the player to resample everything is not desirable as you are either causing your hardware to work harder than it needs to (in the case of upsamping), or you are not getting the best quality that your hardware is capable of (in the case of downsampling).
  9. Seems like every time this topic comes up, the developer of Poweramp inevitably dismisses it as a technically unfeasible or undesirable feature, and yet other player software seems to do it without difficulty, including Neutron, FiiO Music, Onkyo HF Player, HiBy Music, just name a few off the top of my head. I have no idea why he is so reluctant to add a frequently asked for feature. Poweramp has, in my opinion, the best interface on the market, but lacking this feature is a significant deficiency, and I could never recommend the player to someone else because of it.
  10. Yes, I've seen his explanations, and it makes sense not have something like that set as default, but I don't understand why it's not even an option.
  11. A commonly requested feature, but the developer seems strangely resistant. I'm not sure why, because other players on the market can do this without difficulty.
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