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  1. Don't know if this helps you any, but it's not necessary to embed the album art in the files themselves, and it's preferable not to. Just put a JPG file in the same directory as your music files, and the majority of music players (including Poweramp) will display it as the cover art. It's a good way to save space since cover images aren't duplicated for every single music file you have. In other words, if you have 12,000 music files, and embed cover art in each one, you effectively have 12,000 images in your music library which can take up a substantial amount of space.
  2. If your CD rips sound inferior to those you buy from the Play Store (I assume you mean Google?) then you're either doing something wrong such as encoding at too low of a bit rate or have some other sub-optimal configuration, or you're using a subpar encoder (Apple iTunes, for example, is notoriously bad at encoding MP3 files). I prefer FLAC whenever I can get my hands on it, either ripped directly from the CD or downloaded from a seller like Qobuz, simply because I know it is without compromise. MP3 encoders toss out an astonishing amount of information in order to get the file sizes so small. Even if I can't always hear the difference, I prefer knowing that I'm listening to my music at the highest quality possible. Which brings us back to the topic of this thread and having a feature in Poweramp that eliminates resampling and the possible calculation errors that come with it.
  3. I'm curious if this feature would have any benefits over simply setting a fixed frequency.
  4. So it's a bug but is easy enough to work around that it's probably not worth fixing. I originally put the blank lines there because they make the file look nicer to the human eye, but copious use of tabs accomplishes the same thing, although it made the file slightly larger!
  5. FiiO M11 and either Creative Outlier Air wireless earbuds or Sony MDR-7506 wired headphones, or if I'm in my car, I'm using lineout through the 3.5mm jack. ...although I suppose it's worth asking: would a feature to follow source frequency have any benefits over just setting output to a fixed frequency (right now I have Poweramp set for 96kHz) and letting everything be resampled?
  6. I would like to see an option to have the output frequency automatically match the source frequency. I realize that this could break cross fade for tracks with different frequencies, but simply include descriptive text alerting the user to this fact.
  7. I figured out the problem. If I remove the blank lines then Poweramp is able to parse the cue. See the attached file. Pink Floyd - The Wall Movie Soundtrack Album Project.cue
  8. .cue files still not being properly parsed on a FiiO M11. I posted about it in the bug forum.
  9. Cue files are apparently not being parsed in Poweramp on a FiiO M11. The music files show as a single file instead of individual tracks. I'm running build 852. I know the cue files are correctly formatted because they work in FiiO Music and Neutron on this same device and in Cantata and VLC on my desktop. I also confirmed in Poweramp that "Parse CUE files" is enabled and "Show CUE disc image files" is disabled. I've attached one of the cue files from my music library. Pink Floyd - The Wall Movie Soundtrack Album Project.cue
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