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Playlists there, but song sequence not followed

Irene C.

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Hi, recent issue

Phone Samsung A9, android version 9, Poweramp version build 828

The playlists appear in PA, the songs are there alright, but after playing the first song, the next one isn't the one in the list, but another random from the library. 

Cleared cache, did rescan, imported playlists again, both via PA and also via Playlist Manager application. Same result, playlist sequence not followed.. 

Should I uninstall and install again? 

Thank you

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10 minutes ago, blaubär said:

No - first check if you've enabled shuffling. Button to the right, beneath the album art, set "Shuffle Off".


Thank you it worked! You saved me from big trouble (I have 84 lists!) 😉😊

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