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  1. Thank you it worked! You saved me from big trouble (I have 84 lists!) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
  2. Hi, recent issue Phone Samsung A9, android version 9, Poweramp version build 828 The playlists appear in PA, the songs are there alright, but after playing the first song, the next one isn't the one in the list, but another random from the library. Cleared cache, did rescan, imported playlists again, both via PA and also via Playlist Manager application. Same result, playlist sequence not followed.. Should I uninstall and install again? Thank you
  3. Thank you, I already communicated with the developer.
  4. yes i do you mean, i presume, to send them by mail. May i have the developer's mail please?
  5. @blaubΓ€r The songs appear in Poweramp as 'unknown artist' and 'title', so I use the player's own editor to fill the missing information
  6. Hello, My phone is Samsung A9, android version 8.0.0., Poweramp version 3.0 818 I have an issue with some of the songs, after I edit their ID tags. The player bypasses them and goes to the next song. When I try to play the song from the file manager with the default player I get an error message (please see screen shot attached) Before editing the songs played just fine. Thank you for any answer.
  7. Theo said it. An application can fix this issue, so why not Poweramp itself? But I was referring more to the other more serious problems , like Poweramp crashing when editing playlists and the lists disappearing afterwards. The issue was there in the stable version, is continued in the beta, although now it does only affect the particular list. I have reported this in both sub-fora ten days ago. Irene
  8. Andre, I am writing (for the last time on this issue, I promise) to thank you for the time invested by you to clarify things. Same applies to flyingdutchman. What I will write now hopefully is aimed at the developer. Yoeleven described very well the issue in technical terms, as he obviously knows more than I do. But I represent the average user who pays to enjoy the particular benefits promised to him in the application's description. Why should I (or anyone else) feel obliged to take a course in coding or buy two more applications to allow Poweramp to function as promised? And more importantly, why is this problem (present both in standard and beta versions) particular only to Poweramp? I have three other players in my phone and tried several more and all dealt well with playlists. After investing time and effort and dealt with crashes and lost of data, I am reluctant to cut my losses (as yoeleven put it) and move on. Besides that, I do like Poweramp, it's a good player. I can only hope that this fault will be corrected soon. Irene
  9. Update: found an application called "lyrics" and up to now it seems to me better than the lot: it isn't perfect, but it is without ads, has a satisfactory data base, more for English pop songs I am afraid, but the best part is that it downloads the lyrics in .txt files, plus the album art in your library. Also I found out that Poweramp can show lyrics which can be embedded via an external mp3 id editor. Tip: Don't try this with the player open!
  10. Oops! This is where I thought I was posting! I do have the beta version. Mea culpa πŸ™„πŸ˜Š
  11. Andre, thanks for taking the trouble to answer. I would however appreciate an answer from the developer as to the issue of playlist/Poweramp crashing. Now with New Playlist Manager at least I am confident I am not going to lose the lists anymore, but still, as yoeleven points rightly out, this is too much asked from a simple user who just wants to enjoy his music. I ended up editing my songs outside Poweramp for fear of the loss of data... This means, that in order to make the player work I need two additional applications, three if you count the lyrics displayer!
  12. Hi @yoeleven, I have said it here before, Poweramp has issue with the playlists. Lately, after many application crashes and lists disappearing, I confirmed my suspicion that this happens when songs are being edited. For the issue you are facing now, try New Playlist Manager. It saves you a lot of pain. You can import your playlists there, use them as a backup, fix id tags and solve the issue of the different paths. I used it for my Lumia lists, which Poweramp wouldn't open for no reason and now they work in my Android. Good luck!
  13. Guess this is also floating lyrics? Was hoping for embedded ones.. but I will give it a try, thanks
  14. @prosenjit, if I understood correctly the application you are talking about was saving the lyrics in your phone? And were these lyrics shown in Poweramp window? Another application for lyrics is QuickLyrics, which saves the lyrics in the phone and displays them in a floating window while the song plays. I will give a try to stellio though. Thanks!
  15. Feel deep sympathy with you, exactly the same happened to me three times, I have a big library of 2400 songs and almost 100 playlists, which were painstakingly added and edited, every time.. you can imagine. Some of the playlists were forever lost, others I managed to salvage via New Playlist Manager. As I was working before with the official version, I decided to switch to beta one. Things are better now, but I think I maybe have found a bug. Since the two days I installed it, on two occasions, the playlist I was editing (mostly id tags) crashed and playlist gone. This has happened also with the official version, where, apart from the playlists disappearing, also the songs in the song lists appeared to have lost all edited information. This luckily corrected itself after I closing and reopening the application several times. So could these crashes be somehow related to editing? My phone is Redmi Note 5A Prime, runs Android version 7.12N2G47H Jimo, my friend, after what happened , I have backed up all my playlists in playlist default folder, in New Playlist Manager application, in One Drive and in another player I have, just to be on the safe side.
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