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Artist tag issue when a domain is listed as album tag

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Whenever I have an album name with the format *.* Poweramp seems to overwrite the artist name with this same tag.

Example. Correct tag: Artist: Singer Person / Album: awesome.com

will display on Poweramp as: Artist: awesome.com / Album: awesome.com.

I do not have this issue on any other player. Sorry if this issue has been brought up, but when I searched the forum it was difficult to find and specify. 

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Can you share that track (you can do this right from Poweramp lists / long press / Send / Gmail) to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com? There is no any filtering for artist tag applied, except optional the, an, a articles removal.

Note that usually tracks contain 2 artists tags (artists and album artist) and Poweramp can display one or another depending on Settings / Library / Lists / Album Artist * options and the source category (e.g. Artists vs Album Artists categories).

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