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Can't Edit Tags

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@HicksonIndustries There is no setting in Poweramp you have to change for that. 

First, what is the file format? 

Does this happen in all your files or a particular one? 

Have you ever used Poweramp to edit any tags before?

For the main time, what I suspect is, the file is read only. 

But who knows, we need more details. 


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So you can view existing tags using Info/Tags for a song, but the Edit button in that screen is not enabled?  What file format and tagging format are you using - the most common ones are ID3 for MP3 files and Vorbis for FLAC. You do have write permission for the file system don't you?

Could you post a screenshot of the Info/Tags screen, and also let us know what a dedicated tag editor (such as TagScanner or MP3Tag on a PC) shows for the same file?


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