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  1. I thought I tried that before and it didn't do anything but I just tried it now after restarting the app and it looks like it's working fine. the play button issue is still there however. LGV30 VS996 Android 8.0
  2. Cant seem to replay track, it freezes if I long press the play button. And right after it wont play the track again (and shows playback error message). I have to swipe to next track and back if i want to instantly replay track.
  3. I had this issue on v793 when i shuffled all tracks. On v795, when i shuffle a playlist (it seems to work now) after about 20-30 songs it will suddenly start displaying the wrong track name and cover art. It also seems to convert to playing list in order (no longer random) when it does display the wrong info. Also disabling equalizer on the built in DAC doesn't seem to apply. Verizon LG VS996 (V30) Android 8.0 DAC/Wired output (Hi Fi Mode)
  4. I dont recall any promise for more features on Poweramp V2 when I purchased it I dont remember there being any V3 release promise or even an announcement on the Play Store page either. I remember buying V2 for everything it advertised it does, and does it well. I got my money's worth for V2. I proactively sign up for the beta and dont recall any promises there either. Max can take as long as he wants if it ends up being both better than V2 and free of charge. Some developers can only go so far and fast no matter how much money you throw at them or offer. Some people work better alone, and some people dont want a dev team. Android is an ever changing platform and there are so many flavors of it. I can see it being difficult to make sure it all works right in order to call it an official release or even have any stable versions that fits all devices. I can understand that. Keep up the good work Max. Poweramp V3 2020!!??
  5. Joe Gent

    Persistent squeaks PLEASE HELP

    Wired (car or head/earphones), bluetooth, or casting through wifi?
  6. You bought Poweramp Version 2. The final Poweramp Version 3 will be free and no promises were made.
  7. Joe Gent

    Music stopping

    I forgot to report I have the same issue with 790 preview build. I just have to press play again and it resumes for a while.
  8. https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/5-bug-reports-Poweramp-v2/ https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/4-feature-requests/
  9. https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/5-bug-reports-Poweramp-v2/ https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/4-feature-requests/
  10. Long time user here, Wanted to let Max know to take all the time he needs.? I believe V2 is well worth the price I paid and to receive V3, at no additional cost, is very gracious of him. Keep up the good work and if it takes all year.........so be it. V2 and the alphas are good enough to hold me down for now. ?
  11. I never solved the issue. The only pattern I could find is it only happens on large playlists (over several hundred). I think it would be easy if the shuffle algorithm or process was revealed so maybe we could figure out what's going on. Unfortunately this issue made me give up on Poweramp entirely. Well at least until the next version comes out. What's funny is I still create and update my playlists from Poweramp because its the easiest for me and it accurately identifies newly added songs compared to the rest of the apps. Then I export that SAME list (that has the issue in Poweramp only) to a few other players and I rarely hear the same song played twice with those other apps' shuffle algorithms..
  12. Try installing this from your phone. You may have to allow "3rd party apps". Once you install it, load it, let it update (if necessary) then login with your existing Google account. http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-play-store/google-play-store-7-4-09-l-all-0-pr-143719094-release/google-play-store-7-4-09-l-all-0-pr-143719094-android-apk-download/
  13. Thanks for the tips. I will try this soon.
  14. For me, yes. I just get frustrated and use another music/media app (again using the same playlist) and the problem is gone. But..... you know I PREFER Poweramp. Today i just heard about 10 songs (within about 50 minutes) that I forgot I added a month ago while listening on another app that I forgot I added to my device.
  15. Well its playing the same song 3 or 4 times in a small time window. It definitely does not complete a cycle of a playlist before it repeats.