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  1. No matter what output I use, all songs quickly fade out then next song quickly fades in. I have Manual Crossfade to short, and auto crossfade to about 13 seconds. I have made no manual changes to Poweramp regarding these settings in quite a while. I noticed this about a month ago. I want all songs, with the exception of manual track changing, to cross fade for 13 seconds as I have set. Poweramp Version: 911 Device : LG V60 Troubleshooting steps taken: Restarted Device and cleared cache.
  2. Audio works fine in other modes. When enabled progress seems normal but no audio using headphone jack. This has been the issue since I first booted the phone from a day 1 fresh PA install. Troubleshooting done: -restarted device -toggled combination of features such as no dvc as sample rates Device details : Verizon LG V60 PA build 869 3.5 headphone jack
  3. I have tried searching the forums for "gestures, Swipe down" and no luck. But i have an annoying issue that is sometimes a bug. Every since the first official release, when I swipe left or right, the slightest deviation to a down angle - it accepts the gesture as a swipe down. This gesture (I believe by default) goes to list view. I do not like this feature and want to disable it. Sometimes when I do it unintentionally (I'd say 66% of the time) it actually freezes in that mode. I cannot go back to album art view (main screen) or change tracks. I have to force close Poweramp to get back to normal. So to sum it up, I keep accidentally swiping down which is a feature I dont want and it happens to freeze Poweramp sometimes. Verizon VS996 (LG V30) Android 9 Latest Poweramp build.
  4. Thanks for the tip, but that feature has never worked for me.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching the forums and was not able to isolate my inquiry. I wanted to know if there was an option to remove dead playlist links due to the actual song being deleted. I recently physically removed several music files from storage but I want to also remove the playlist paths and avoid the "file not found" type of errors.
  6. It appears removing Album artist option has resolved the issue. Thanks Max!👍
  7. I had album artist enabled, and now that I know this option exists, I turned it off. I will test it later and report back or share the issue to you. Thanks!
  8. Whenever I have an album name with the format *.* Poweramp seems to overwrite the artist name with this same tag. Example. Correct tag: Artist: Singer Person / Album: awesome.com will display on Poweramp as: Artist: awesome.com / Album: awesome.com. I do not have this issue on any other player. Sorry if this issue has been brought up, but when I searched the forum it was difficult to find and specify.
  9. I can see it being a very difficult task to be able to stream both the audio and visuals and have them sync up properly on the receiving devices broadcast. Some displays have their own audio and video syncing process that can still cause issues that no app can compensate or be compatible with.
  10. Poweramp latest build: When I set my phone to use my Bluetooth for calls only, it immediately changes my 24 bit to 16 bit audio when using my aux jack as the preferred output. I also have issues where I can no longer see the volume controls (when adjusting volume) unless I navigate out of Poweramp. These issues do not occur when there is no Bluetooth connected. Any suggestions would help. Thanks. Device: Verizon LG V30 (Oreo).
  11. Every since I tried the first release of V3. I have noticed an ongoing issue where Poweramp V3xxx seems to only want to play a small portion of my 4300 songs within a given playlist. It seems to blacklist about 70% of my playlist when using shuffle mode. I've had this issue on the following devices: LG G3, LG G4, and now on my LG V30 (VS996). When I use any other audio player it seems to play them all just fine. Even when I resort my playlist to random, it seems to only focus on a portion of the playlist, regardless. I feel like the shuffle algorithm must be flawed when you exceed a certain number of tracks in a list. I had this issue with a smaller sized playlist (about 1500). Assuming anyone else has an abnormally large playlist like myself, have any of you had this issue?
  12. I thought I tried that before and it didn't do anything but I just tried it now after restarting the app and it looks like it's working fine. the play button issue is still there however. LGV30 VS996 Android 8.0
  13. Cant seem to replay track, it freezes if I long press the play button. And right after it wont play the track again (and shows playback error message). I have to swipe to next track and back if i want to instantly replay track.
  14. I had this issue on v793 when i shuffled all tracks. On v795, when i shuffle a playlist (it seems to work now) after about 20-30 songs it will suddenly start displaying the wrong track name and cover art. It also seems to convert to playing list in order (no longer random) when it does display the wrong info. Also disabling equalizer on the built in DAC doesn't seem to apply. Verizon LG VS996 (V30) Android 8.0 DAC/Wired output (Hi Fi Mode)
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