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Differing albums with the same name

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I'd like to ask for a problem fix. I have couple of albums that have the same name and Poweramp seems to not differ them well. For example, Saxon's "Sacrifice" was released in 2013 (that's what metadata in audio files says) and Motörhead's "Sacrifice" was released in 1995. However, when looking at both bands' catalogues in "Artist" category, Motörhead's album appears way later than it should've been (I'm using release date order), and both album share the same covers. It also happens to different artists (Halford's/Venom's "Resurrection" for example).


Is that something the app's creator could look into?

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Before we go any further into the Year issue, do you have the Album Artist tags set correctly on all of your tracks? Not just Artist (which can vary per-track).

Technically, Albums don't have Years - as Albums are nothing more than a notional grouping of several tracks that have the same Album and Album Artist tags. PA will try to interpret a Year for its list though, but it will pick a value from any one of the contained files so make sure that all of the tracks have the same Year tag. 


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