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Multiple level sorting

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Current version: can only sort 1 level

Idea is to have multiple sorting in artists pages.

Example: (Per artists), 1st sort: year, 2nd sort: album, 3rd sort: track number

Not all audio files are named in the ff. format: [track #] [artist] [title] (unless there is recommendation/suggestion to batch format a very large collection of files)

Current idea is to be applied in artists (list options) and playlists (re-sort) pages.


App version: v3-build-824-play

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This is something that has been requested quite often over the years, along with other additions to the category/sorting process.

I made a suggestion a while ago which fits in very well with what you are asking, but I have no idea whether it's something that Max may someday want to implement. See what you think of the suggestion anyway.


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