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  1. I see, "On queue end" is really helpful in one of my issues. This has been very informative thank you very much. I guess we just have to put up with this unique PA behavior. Thank you all for your input.
  2. Is there a setting to change this behavior? I only need 2 of what the app does different from all other players: 1. Auto populate/replace the queue with the song/group that was selected, which is again the default of all other players. 2. Whenever the queue is cleared, stop playing songs - ANY songs, that's why it's called clear It's good that Poweramp let's you pause regular playback or whatever (I think there should be only 1 playback, it's so confusing), but I think it's not good to be imposed on a behavior that you don't like. At least a setting of these 2 above would
  3. TL;DR First of all, although my account is created almost a year ago, I'm very new to using the app , and I must say no other app excels at functional gapless playing and minute calibrations of audio. However, there's an issue I'm having: queues and "now playing". The app's behavior regarding this is very different from all other music players I've encountered, including Windows and Android. From here on out, let's refer to folders, albums, artist, playlist, etc as song groups. Please consider the following scenarios: Scenario 1: Queue is empty Action: play any
  4. Current version: can only sort 1 level Idea is to have multiple sorting in artists pages. Example: (Per artists), 1st sort: year, 2nd sort: album, 3rd sort: track number Not all audio files are named in the ff. format: [track #] [artist] [title] (unless there is recommendation/suggestion to batch format a very large collection of files) Current idea is to be applied in artists (list options) and playlists (re-sort) pages. App version: v3-build-824-play
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