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The Preset List does not scroll automatically to the active preset anymore

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Poweramp build: build-905-arm64-play
Device model: Xiaomi 6
Android version: 9
Custom ROM: MIUI 10 9.8.1

I've noticed this issue several months and today I'm finally reporting it. 

As the title describes, tapping on the equalizer preset switcher only locates to the top of the preset list instead of locating to the current active preset, which was working in the past. This issue also persists whether you short press, long press or invoking the quick preset switcher (by long pressing the equalizer button on the bottom bar). 

At the same time, I've noticed when saving a new equalizer preset will cause itself being separated from the old presets, and being pinned at the top of the list. This issue had happened several times already, mostly after new builds of Poweramp are released. A workaround as a feature request is by adding a button to sort the equalizer preset list. That would make my life, while updating my old presets, much easier.


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One more thing is that sometimes the preset assign interface will show 2 bluetooth devices with identical names, particularly at the time when the bluetooth device is connected. Though, there's only one connected device in the bluetooth pairing list. The devices has encountered this issue are my JBL Flip 3 speaker, Philips Home Theater and a generic aptx bluetooth receiver. Not sure if this is also to do with my phone or not. 

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