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  1. I understand that Chinese has too many characters, but I don't if there's something like a library file that contains most Chinese characters and their pinyin. If so, I think it will be easier to support sorting by pinyin in Poweramp.
  2. Yes, the Chinese pinyin is based on English characters(A-Z), which makes us can use a few characters to type Chinese, and many Chinese people now are used to sorting files by pinyin(A-Z), so I hope Poweramp will support that.
  3. The Poweramp doesn't support sorting songs by Chinese pinyin until now, so that all Chinese songs are classified in # and are random, which makes Chinese users difficult to find a song. Therefore, could you please make Poweramp have the option to sort by Chinese? Thanks! What's more, I think if the LRC lyrics can scroll automatically, it will be better than view as a text. Could you please improve the experience of viewing lyrics?
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