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PA retains control of volume when app is closed


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When I try to adjust audio volume, using the up or down volume control buttons, while listening to another app (Beyond Pod), the notification area flashes briefly with "Media...<name of bluetooth device>", then it shows the word "Poweramp" above a square icon with quarter-circles in its lower left corner and a horizontal line with a circle, indicating, apparently, the volume PA wants.  The audio volume remains unchanged, even though the PA app has been closed; it is not playing music, but simply won't let me change the other app's volume.

I've tried various settings: enabling/disabling DVC, Notifications->Keep Notification (an idea from another thread regarding volume issues).  Is there some set of settings that will prevent PA from taking permanent control of my phone's media volume?  Surely it's not necessary to uninstall PA every time I close it, or is this a known bug that will get fixed and an uninstall is a necessary temp workaround?

Poweramp v3-build-820-play (Full Version)

Samsung SM-G920V  Galaxy S6

Android 7.0 

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The problem presents despite toggling all the settings Andre suggests, singly or all together.  The problem disappears, that is, BeyondPod (BP) can once again have its volume controlled by the hard buttons on the S6, after activating the Maximum Power Saving (MPS) option in the stock Settings->Battery->Power Saving Mode app.  Among other things, this turns off networking, which I think is implicated somehow in this situation.  Upon returning from MPS, and restarting BP, volume control is restored.  If I restart PA, we're back to the bug.  I use BP as my example simply because it's the only other audio app I currently use.

The icon that appears with this bug is the same icon I've seen associated with casting, and in some of the flailing I've done I have pressed on that icon and been offered a choice like "Cast to: Google something or choose another device".  I have never done casting, and don't see any apps on my phone that mention it.  But I assume it involves networking of some sort, and believe that that is why going through MPS cures the symptoms until PA is restarted.  I haven't been able to find a way to simply toggle networking on/off other than MPS, but at least that's easier than uninstalling/reinstalling PA.

It would appear that PA somehow invokes this casting mode, in which it retains control of volume post mortem.  I don't know what else to try. 


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