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  1. There have been so many request for this feature now. It needs to be implemented! It's been promised in the illusive 3.0 version, but there hasn't been any indication of this version's release.
  2. How would you feel about adding a feature like an alarm clock? Allowing users to: Wake up to an Album on Random Wake up to an Artist on Random Wake up to specific tracks Wake up to specific albums I've seen a few apps doing bits and bobs of this, but nothing out there worth getting!
  3. Sooooooooo, how are we getting on with this?
  4. Yes, yes, yes! This is definitely a feature I would appreciate. Would be very beneficial for me if as well as listing items by Artists you could choose to view a list in order of Album artists. I have loads of classical compilations with various Artists and would like to have the option to be able to see all these albums listed together. Very big fan of how you can view list by Artists but then order the albums so all albums by the same artists show in a row - would be one great step further to be able to do this with Album Artists. LETS DO IT!
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