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  1. Just bought a new Galaxy S10 before my old, pathetic, S6 dies completely, and used Samsung's so-called "Smart switch" to transfer what it could from the old to the new. While the music files seem to have transferred, the playlists did not. I have scrupulously exported my playlists any time I make a change to any of them, after learning the hard way that playlists are not permanent until exported. The old phone had a Playlists folder with lots of m3u8 files in it, so I naively assumed I could copy that folder to the new phone and that would be that. And, indeed, there are now playlists show
  2. The problem presents despite toggling all the settings Andre suggests, singly or all together. The problem disappears, that is, BeyondPod (BP) can once again have its volume controlled by the hard buttons on the S6, after activating the Maximum Power Saving (MPS) option in the stock Settings->Battery->Power Saving Mode app. Among other things, this turns off networking, which I think is implicated somehow in this situation. Upon returning from MPS, and restarting BP, volume control is restored. If I restart PA, we're back to the bug. I use BP as my example simply because it's the on
  3. When I try to adjust audio volume, using the up or down volume control buttons, while listening to another app (Beyond Pod), the notification area flashes briefly with "Media...<name of bluetooth device>", then it shows the word "Poweramp" above a square icon with quarter-circles in its lower left corner and a horizontal line with a circle, indicating, apparently, the volume PA wants. The audio volume remains unchanged, even though the PA app has been closed; it is not playing music, but simply won't let me change the other app's volume. I've tried various settings: enabling/disabl
  4. Ah, that helps in understanding the situation. While I haven''t created a new playlist in a few months, I'm sure I've added an item or moved something around in some playlist. I can recall at least one instance recently of tapping the wrong place and finding myself in reorder mode, and then tapping <back> to recover my mode. It's possible my phone's memory was full, as it often is on this little 64G phone. Virtually all my music has been side loaded, via USB/mtp from CDs ripped onto a laptop running Ubuntu 16.10, ending up in Phone/Music on the S6 in Artist/Album hierarchy. In Power
  5. I, too, just discovered that all my playlists, with a couple of exceptions, are now empty, no files listed in the m3u8 files in the Playlists directory. The exceptions seem to contain references to songs located in the Downloads directory, so that a playlist formerly populated with 100 songs, now has 4. I have not created or added to any playlist for months. I did not even authorize the upgrade to build 807, it just happened automatically. I've performed at least 4 rescans, full and otherwise. The artist folders seem to have all their songs. If I understand Reef's solution, hi
  6. Often (not always) when I increase the audio volume using the physical button on the edge of my Galaxy S6, I get a warning box saying something like "listening at high volumes can hurt your ears" and this box must be dismissed by tapping on an OK screen button for my function to be granted. I can manipulate the physical volume button in the blind, but no way am I going to try to tap that little OK without pulling off the road, so this gratuitous warning is itself dangerous or it renders the volume-adjustment function useless while driving a car. This is the sort of warning that mi
  7. Can I infer from Andre's answer that Poweramp has no Random-play function, only Shuffle-play? My DVD player (Oppo 973) has both, and I enjoy catching it occasionally repeating things, or falling into various repetitive patterns briefly, as one would expect when the choice of the next song up is truly 1/N, and N is less than twenty or so. Of course, if N is really large, you would not expect many repeats, and the OP's complaint stands, even for Random-play. Jim
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