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  1. That's awesome! Thanks @maxmp
  2. I agree, I save all my album art since sometimes it takes a bit to find just the right so would do the same for the the art used as the playlist cover, just pull directly from the gallery.
  3. That's exactly what I was hoping for, not super important but seemed like something easy to do. I did just discover something interesting, I changed the album art of the album "youthquake" back to it's original yet that simple "80s" graphic I was messing around with stayed as the main art for that particular playlist.
  4. Good idea, technically it did what I wanted but also forced me to make that graphic the album art for the particular song/album
  5. @invaderzim I found what you are saying except I want to use art not from a track, for instance my 80s playlist I'd like to use a simple graphic
  6. @Martin Medrano I think there's some confusion, the thread is about these (see screenshots)
  7. I installed 842 but still don't see this option, do you? @maxmp
  8. App was updated but this feature still not included.....
  9. I wasn't being lazy, everything was already said that was needed. Only issue is this thread went on for months and months with no acknowledgement so I don't really appreciate that.
  10. Any word on this, doesn't appear to have ever been addressed?!? @maxmp
  11. Thanks again Andre, it worked perfectly, is kiss you if you weren't on the other side of the world lol
  12. I was also hoping to customize the main image in a playlist, please please make it happen Max, you have the power ; )
  13. Thanks Andre for clearing that up, wish it was by default but it's a start
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