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  1. Hello fellow music lovers, I have a bit of a conundrum, about a month ago I purchased a Fiio X5. I have been a loyal Poweramp user since my Galaxy S4 days, in fact at one point I bought a iPhone 6 plus but sold two weeks later for another android phone (a Galaxy S7 edge) just so I could use Poweramp. I bought the Fiio versus other DAPs because it runs android, I'm sure you can guess why. I loaded Poweramp but it's been a bit quirky, slow to change tracks, crashing when I try to add album art. I'm assuming it's due to the Fiios lack of memory whereas my S8 is super smooth. My question is w
  2. @maxmp yes I'm on build 872, I dont typically use file based playlists just construct them in Poweramp itself.
  3. @maxmp thanks Max, I did try that, the only thing is they go away for a split second then reappear again.
  4. I have found in one of my playlists the names of songs I previously had but have completely deleted from my phone, or so I thought. If I try to simply delete through Poweramp its unsuccessful and it has no info so I cant locate a folder or what not on my phone. Any suggestions?
  5. When I have my phone on dark mode on my S8 the navigation bar is black as well. I have a 3rd party dark skin so the look of the player is all black except the navigation bar which conflicts, I am hoping someone here knows a solution. Thanks
  6. Literally overnight its changed, now whenever I open Poweramp it starts scanning and wont let me do anything till it's done. I am using a Samsung S8 and on the latest build, any ideas?
  7. Hey Andre That's one thing had seen when troubleshooting, it initially was off but I had switched it back on in hopes of fixing my problem. I switched it back off after what you said.
  8. Yeah everything is on a 256gb sd card, my bad for not backing them up, at least my music is still there. Thank you
  9. Opened Poweramp this morning to discover all songs in all my playlists (there are many) were gone. The playlists themselves are still there but no songs in them, bummer since I spent months putting them together, any ideas?
  10. I agree, I save all my album art since sometimes it takes a bit to find just the right so would do the same for the the art used as the playlist cover, just pull directly from the gallery.
  11. That's exactly what I was hoping for, not super important but seemed like something easy to do. I did just discover something interesting, I changed the album art of the album "youthquake" back to it's original yet that simple "80s" graphic I was messing around with stayed as the main art for that particular playlist.
  12. Good idea, technically it did what I wanted but also forced me to make that graphic the album art for the particular song/album
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