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  1. Hey Andre That's one thing had seen when troubleshooting, it initially was off but I had switched it back on in hopes of fixing my problem. I switched it back off after what you said.
  2. Yeah everything is on a 256gb sd card, my bad for not backing them up, at least my music is still there. Thank you
  3. Opened Poweramp this morning to discover all songs in all my playlists (there are many) were gone. The playlists themselves are still there but no songs in them, bummer since I spent months putting them together, any ideas?
  4. I agree, I save all my album art since sometimes it takes a bit to find just the right so would do the same for the the art used as the playlist cover, just pull directly from the gallery.
  5. That's exactly what I was hoping for, not super important but seemed like something easy to do. I did just discover something interesting, I changed the album art of the album "youthquake" back to it's original yet that simple "80s" graphic I was messing around with stayed as the main art for that particular playlist.
  6. Good idea, technically it did what I wanted but also forced me to make that graphic the album art for the particular song/album
  7. @invaderzim I found what you are saying except I want to use art not from a track, for instance my 80s playlist I'd like to use a simple graphic
  8. @Martin Medrano I think there's some confusion, the thread is about these (see screenshots)
  9. I installed 842 but still don't see this option, do you? @maxmp
  10. App was updated but this feature still not included.....
  11. I wasn't being lazy, everything was already said that was needed. Only issue is this thread went on for months and months with no acknowledgement so I don't really appreciate that.
  12. Any word on this, doesn't appear to have ever been addressed?!? @maxmp
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