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  1. It has the same issue whether it's mp3, flac or high res. This is a recent development, it worked fine before.
  2. I love this feature for when I don't want to fire up my PC. Lately though I been having the issue seen in the video, I have gone through the normal wifi connection troubleshooting and no change. This just happened one day out of the blue, is there a setting I need to check or change. I'm usually pretty good at this but I'm stumped since only this is having the issue, local videos, youtube everything else works fine casting. 20210910_121603.mp4
  3. Now to figure out how to access these files with android 11 lol.
  4. There have been a few occasions where I am looking for a high quality copy of a particular albums art. All my sources, albumartexchange, fanart.tv or just Google either have nothing or very low quality. On some however I can ask Poweramp to look for that particular album art and it finds a really great high quality copy, I'd like to be able to download these copies so I can embed them into the file. Can anyone help with my strange request?
  5. SD card is 4 months old, it works great in all areas except in conjunction with Poweramp. I even downloaded Neutron as a comparison and it works flawlessly. It boils down to Android 11, I have not had any major issues till I updated. I mean hell, I been using Poweramp since "jelly bean" but if I can't get this resolved it might be time to move on 😔
  6. Updated and things are only getting worse. Now on occasion, if I tap a song to play it shows the info for the song I selected but plays a completely different song behind it, so frustrating
  7. Thanks Andrew, That seems to have solved part of the problem and Poweramp can now see the files on my SD card. Still haven't figured out why it's so laggy though. Like I mentioned before this is a new (to me) S10+ and for the couple of weeks I had it on Android 10 it was super fast, scanning, deleting even changing tags but now it's unbearably slow, any thoughts?
  8. I had posted before about latency and tagging issues, Andrew helped figure out the tagging problem but the speed issue is getting worse. As of me restarting my phone this morning it's been quirky, randomly changing the font, I like the default setting but keeps changing to alternative, the other issue is best described in the video below. Screen_Recording_20210311-080222_Poweramp.mp4
  9. I upgraded to a S10+ from a S8 a couple of months ago. It was so much faster in all Poweramp operations that was until it updated to Android 11. Now scanning takes a eternity and certain albums that I have had forever, like 10cc will not correctly show its tagging and only in Poweramp. For example with a 10cc album (The Original Soundtrack) it keeps saying unknown artist and album. If I'm on my phone I use automatag to edit tags, if more then one track, so I ran the album through that, then I tried "tag & rename" on my PC and still no luck, although it should be mentioned it plays and displays tags correctly through Music Bee on my computer. Any ideas what's going on?
  10. I have one album that is creating multiple copies of the same song within the album. All the extra tracks are CUE files, I first deleted the cue files to no avail. I then moved the tracks to a new folder and deleted the original. Now when I do a new scan (and full rescan) it bounces from the cue files being there, then not. This album has 19 tracks but Poweramp is saying 240. Screen_Recording_20210217-063517_Poweramp.mp4
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