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Notification control panel not working

Drew Channell

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I have the same issue since I switched to Android 8.1 (Lineage OS 15.1 Official Nightly).

The notification works fine until a song change occurs. No matter whether it is automatic because the currently playing item finished or because I manually switch tro the next/a new song. As soon as the notification is updated, it blanks out. It seems to revert to the Android default notification. I disabled the "back" button in the notification, yet in the white one the button is there next to the others (but none does anything at all).

Setting the notification Color in the Poweramp settings to white, black or auto does not change anything.

Pausing the audio and restarting it (therefore restarting the notification) fixes it until the next update occures.

Here is a short screencast on Youtube illustrating the issue.
(Oneplus 3, LOS 15.1 Nightly, stock Kernel, Magisk installed)


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Don't hold your breath - the last beta build was almost two years ago... Google are literally releasing major builds of Android more frequently....

I've given up on Poweramp and I'm trying to find an alternative that isn't horrendously flawed in some other way, but it's hard:

Neutron: UI is awful, choppy and badly designed. Search doesn't work the way I want.
BlackPlayer: Sooo close but album art is seriously f*cked. Also doesn't search the way I want.
PlayerPro: Looks promising - does everything I want. Doesn't look as nice as Poweramp but hey ho, it works and it gets frequent updates! Probably going to get my $5.99

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One of the biggest issues is that the widget in notification is not working properly. It remains white in color so that buttons are not visible and tapping on the button isn't doing anything.

Sometimes if i change the color of this widget in the setting to BLACK or WHITE, the button appears but after few secs or after changing 1 song, the widget again becomes white and nothing can be seen and buttons don't work at all.
Kindly solve this issue please asap.
This issue is on both on 588build and tester version 703.
I'm using 8.1 Oreo rom.
Please reply. Thanks.
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Thanks a lot bro for the app as for now (but it should be fixed in the main app itself).

Also, in my playstore, 703 is latest.

And i read that 704 can be downloaded only for android N (as tested only on N). So I'm using 703.

Also, i want to buy it before it expires. But can you tell me why its development is slow as turtle? Even turtle seems faster than this app!

Another thing, why the equaliser presets are creepy? Why they are not uploading real and good presets? I mean, the same ROCK preset sounds different in this app and different in other music app?

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704 is not on Play store, it can be downloaded from the site here (select 704 to download when prompted). It is very similar to 703 but contained some extra tweaks to help with Android 7+. There is no particular point in downloading it over 703 for Android 6 or lower, but no downside either. 

I too wish development was going "faster than a turtle" but unfortunately Poweramp is a single developer project, and the necessary work for completely re-building the interface is taking a lot longer than he (or anyone else) originally expected. In the meantime, alpha 704 works fine for most people with the exception of notifications and some bluetooth control functions in the latest Android 8.1 ROMs.


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Hi there.. 

I'm using HTC 628 with 5.1 lollipop got boredom with the notification panel so replaced with ""material notification shade""  

Problem is alpha 3.0 is  not allowing the notification panel controller all other player are works fine with third party app   



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