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  1. Vasist

    movies !!

    It's was a good idea, But the problem is I don't kept all the audio files in a single folder. So kindly accept my request and make it works "" I need skins support in alpha "" coz there is no major update since I joined in this form..
  2. Vasist

    movies !!

    please increase the short files 30 seconds to 60. and also remove the ability to play video files as audio it's playing video clips like audio man. it's insane.
  3. Hi there.. I'm using HTC 628 with 5.1 lollipop got boredom with the notification panel so replaced with ""material notification shade"" Problem is alpha 3.0 is not allowing the notification panel controller all other player are works fine with third party app
  4. My request is to detect the earphones (with mic ) and headphone(without mic) ,To manage sound profile as well as it changing the audio out put profile source..
  5. Not turning off at main screen Even turning off that
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