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  1. Don't hold your breath - the last beta build was almost two years ago... Google are literally releasing major builds of Android more frequently.... I've given up on Poweramp and I'm trying to find an alternative that isn't horrendously flawed in some other way, but it's hard: Neutron: UI is awful, choppy and badly designed. Search doesn't work the way I want. BlackPlayer: Sooo close but album art is seriously f*cked. Also doesn't search the way I want. PlayerPro: Looks promising - does everything I want. Doesn't look as nice as Poweramp but hey ho, it works and it gets frequent u
  2. This does work, and I commend the developer for creating this workaround, but any idea when we can expect a fix in Poweramp? I appreciate that Poweramp has always favoured a slower development pace and stability rather than rapid updates and new features, but it's been 2 months now and this is a significant bug. I've switched to Neutron in the meantime, which despite an otherwise atrocious UI, does have working notification/lockscreen controls on 8.1, which kinda contradicts the "it's Google's fault" narrative.
  3. Adding a little more than 'me too': Notification controls are grey/invisible and unresponsive as shown by others. Pausing and resuming the same track, either from the app, a widget or via a Bluetooth device hardware play/pause button fixes the notification until the track changes. Skipping back to the beginning of the same track then does not break it again; only skipping to the previous or next track. Also noticed that if you pull down the notification shade and skip tracks with a Bluetooth device, the notification buttons and track information appear correctly for a split second (a
  4. I just got a Nexus 6P and being able to use Nexus Imprint to unlock straight to launcher is amazing. I really like the Poweramp lock screen but I have had to disable it for now as it still shows when using fingerprint unlock, adding an additional manual unlock step and negating much of the benefit of using the fingerprint reader. It would be awesome if you could add an option to bypass the Poweramp lock screen when unlocking with Nexus Imprint but still show it in place of the standard lock screen when pressing the power button to wake the display. Thanks!
  5. I run Poweramp on an Android TV box with all my music accessible via CIFS mounts to my NAS. This is the main audio solution in my home. It would be awesome if there was some way to control this instance of Poweramp from my phone/tablet remotely, either natively from the Poweramp app on the handheld device -- some kind of 'connect to remote instance' option -- or by allowing third party developers access to the relevant APIs to develop a remote control app themselves. I've messed about with various VNC-based solutions but haven't really found anything satisfactory. I guess I'm envisaging some
  6. This functionality is dependent on your device, ROM and kernel all supporting it - if your device, ROM and kernel all support USB hosting (OTG) and USB audio devices, all audio sources including Poweramp will play back through the DAC.
  7. I would say you need a more powerful Android box. I used to have a Rockchip v8 box very similar to yours, and while playing from a CIFS mounted library worked I also experienced some stuttering, changing tracks was choppy etc. Now I have a Tronsmart Vega S89, which is based on the AMLogic S802 quad core A9 SoC and damn fast, and now I can play from my CIFS share no problem, even with library close to 1TB. I can pretty much confirm that it's down to the device as it also works perfectly on my Nexus 5 -- I can even stream from my CIFS share over WAN on 4G
  8. I have ~1TB in a CIFS share on my NAS mounted to /sdcard/cifs and Poweramp handles that perfectly fine, although the initial library scan took several hours. 15,000 tune shuffle
  9. I use Poweramp on my phone and the Auto-scan option works nicely -- I can download music from my FTP to my internal storage and it appears in Poweramp immediately without me having to do anything. I also use it on my Android TV box (Tronsmart Vega S89). The source of my music library on this is a CIFS share on my NAS, mounted to /sdcard/cifs with the CIFS Manager app. I then manually specify this as my library location. This works nicely except Poweramp doesn't automatically detect new files or changes to the folder structure. I need to do a manual rescan for it to update my library. I wou
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