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How to create a playlist?


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I am an entertainer, with my backing tracks on my Galaxy S5, to play through my P.A. System. If I use Windows Media Player, on my laptop, I can construct a playlist to play in order, which I can stop or restart as I wish. I have attempted to do this in Poweramp, without success, and a lot of frustration, with nil result. Is there a user guide/manual available for Poweramp that will show me how to do it. My library has 143 Backing Tracks, so it takes a minute or so from the end of a song, to find the next track and press ply. HELP!


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Sure, it's pretty easy to create playlists in Poweramp, and once you've set one going you can pause and resume playback at any time.

For each track that you want to add, find it in your music Library and long-press on the title and select 'Add to Playlist', then either create a new Playlist title or add it to an existing list. You can also add whole albums by doing the same thing from the Album View level.

You can multi-select tracks by viewing a whole set of songs in any Library View (e.g. All Songs) and then press Menu > Add to Playlist and then you can tick multiple songs before choosing which playlist you wish to add them to.

Playback is just a case of using the Playlist library view and tap on any list, and then choose a song within that list to commence with (or long-press on the overall Playlist title and select 'Play' to just start from the beginning of the list).

All of the above deals with internal Playlists, created inside Poweramp. You can also use external file-based lists (M3U files) which are a bit more permanent between devices and will be read by Poweramp whenever it scans for music in that playlist file's location. The only caveat with moving Playlist files around is that they can contain either relative path details for finding the song files (in which case it is important you keep them in the same relative location in the path structure) or absolute paths (which can become a bit device-dependent as a playlist on a Windows machine looking for music in C:\Users\name\Music may not find the same music files if they are saved on an Android device in a folder called /storage/extSdCard/Music. Luckily M3U files are plain text so it's really easy to use a batch text editor to just replace the Windows path with the Android one before you copy the file over, or there are third-party apps like New Playlist Manager than can do it for you.


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