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please Update power amp 2 to Poweramp 3 Final


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Dear Company, For a long time now, the official version 2 has been released. Alfa-experimental version 3 has long been released. Please remove version 3 from beta. Offer the official 3rd edition. Please update your music player from version 2 to final version 3.Update power amp 2 final to power amp 3 FinalPlease release beta 3 tomorrow from the beta version and finalize it. Because version 2 is incompatible with Android 6 and 7. Release 3 for beta. Exit beta. Version 3 is from the testing phase. The version is flawless. It's not a matter of time. Please be sure to get official version 3 tomorrow. Put on a polystore and Site.Please release version 3 of beta. Please complete version 3.please power amp 3 Final in site and Playstore .please Update Poweramp to Poweramp 3 Final .

It's been a long time. Please remove version 3 from test mode.please Poweramp 3 Final in site power amp and play store .

tank s

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17 hours ago, majid1359 said:

It's been a long time since the release of the 2nd. It's time to keep the version 3 up and running. We got tired of using the duplicate version 2. Remove version 3 from testing mode and get the stable version 3.

Spamming the forums won't get anything done any quicker apart from annoying the forum admins, getting your extra posts deleted, and finding yourself placed on the Moderated Content list. Which is what has now happened.


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Although spamming the hell out of the site is uncalled for it would be nice to know when V3 will be a update I'll be seeing as an option on play store. While V2 is still by far the best player out there and it's equaliser totally unmatched, V3 is long overdue. Would it be at all possible to get a project update, im sure many of us wouldn't even mind paying to unlock v3 as a brand new install as just to have a V3 final would be well worth it!

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I did try doing that as I had heard some positive things about however my device did not like it one little bit, or it simply hasn't been tweaked with my device in mind (which only came.out last year - Doogee S60). Every time I tried to.run the app it immediately crashed inviting me so kindly to submit an error report. I've had to roll back to good old V2.

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V3 final. Yes, Yes, Yes I'm officialy done with Poweramp.

Don't care about V3. 

I am working on Powerf**k V4 maybe its done before V3.

Man I am sure that I develope V4 before V3 is official.

But first I've got to learn how to build an App on Android.

But I will be ready before V3 is official.

I am just kidding.

We are waiting soooooo long 

Hope dies Last

And Max still don't give a f**k about us

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