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  1. SynekPablo

    Lock screen problem

    try wipe cache partition. Usually this should fix your problem
  2. hi, I also use the Fiio BTR3. However, the HWA / LHDC codec, but the Fiio BTR3 plays Hi-Res audio with a maximum of 24 bit and 96 kHz. Can you access the developer settings of your phone? There you can make the Bluetooth audio settings like sample rate, bit depth, codec, audio quality and latency. You can also download the Fiio Music app, the settings that you keep there are stored on the BTR3.
  3. SynekPablo

    Dac in usb

    did you connect the DAC via a USB OTG cable? This is due to the software provided by the manufacturer to control the USB output. In general, a USB OTG cable should fix your problems because it switches your USB output to HOST mode.
  4. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 838

    The changelog lists Hi-Res Bluetooth Fiio's, what exactly is meant by that?
  5. I am also always happy when I have questions and find someone who wants to help seriously. Therefore, I behave as I would expect from others.
  6. Yes, that's how I perceived it with the sound quality. The Axon 7 played best with Android 6, and the overall performance of the Axon 7 was best on Android 6. I think that it is due to the poor implementation of Android 7 and 8 and that in turn have the software developers to borrow. According to consistent reports, the U.S version has not deteriorated after the upgrades of Android. There was also another developer team at work.
  7. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 835

    I strongly suspect that most people prefer the uncomplicated version of the EQ. The Neutron Player offers such an EQ and yet Poweramp is preferred. You can see that clearly in the downloads. I think that's one of the reasons why Poweramp is so popular, you do not have to tune much to get great sound. With the neutron you have to take your time until you have set the EQ to achieve similar results.
  8. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 835

    is that the EQ of Neutron Player? Neutron gives you the opportunity to make a very fine sound tuning thanks to the EQ. But the prerequisite is that you have a bit of specialized knowledge or are willing to deal with it a bit more intensively. If you do not know what you're doing, listening to music quickly becomes frustrating because the sound has not been optimized as desired, but rather degraded.
  9. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 835

    So far, the ver.835 runs smoothly. No automatic skipping and no gaps where none should be. I have been listening for 3 hours without a break and everything works as it should
  10. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 835

    The speed with which album arts are loaded depends on your device. I have my album arts all in HD resolution and the loading speed has no delay. If the album arts do not load fast enough for you then it's not because of Poweramp, but because your memory does not work fast enough.
  11. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 834

    so I've downgraded to ver. 832 and Poweramp is playing great again. No skipping and no gaps when gapless album is playing.
  12. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 834

    I also have the problem that tracks are not completely played. It regularly happens that the playback jumps to the next track. With gapless albums, the player always makes a short break between the tracks. Although gapless playback is enabled. This only happens when playing FLAC files with MP3 files, there are no problems with the playback. I was able to fix the problem for a short time by dialing the audio buffer without adjusting it. But after 2 tracks the problems were back. The problems occur only since the update on ver. 834. My device is a Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS (NEO-L29), the OS is Android 9 and Audio Output is Fiio Btr3 (OpenSL ES HD)
  13. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 834

    Hi, that 832 update has brought me a significant change in the sound quality with it. I mean that in a positive sense. Everything sounds much more spatial so that individual instruments can be clearly located. I use a Fiio Btr3 Bluetooth receiver and HWA codec to listen to music. I also had a software update for the Fiio Btr3 at the same time, so I can not say exactly if the quality improvement was due to the PA update or Fiio. Has anyone else registered a significant increase in sound quality here?
  14. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 830

    Thanks for the answer. My device is a Porsche Design Mate RS and the ROM is Android 9 EMUI 9.0. That's since I updated the Fiio Btr3 Bluetooth Receiver. The update also included an update of the HWA codec to 2.0. If you need more information I will send it to you.
  15. SynekPablo

    Poweramp Build 830

    Hi, I updated my Fiio Btr3 Bluetooth amp today with the latest firmware. This update also included an update of the HWA codec to 2.0. The problem is that Poweramp recognizes HWA 2.0 as an invalid codec. Max, can you integrate HWA 2.0 into the next Poweramp update?