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  1. When is the release of the Poweramp 3 final version?
  2. It's been a long time since the release of the 2nd. It's time to keep the version 3 up and running. We got tired of using the duplicate version 2. Remove version 3 from testing mode and get the stable version 3.
  3. hello Dear Company, For a long time now, the official version 2 has been released. Alfa-experimental version 3 has long been released. Please remove version 3 from beta. Offer the official 3rd edition. Please update your music player from version 2 to final version 3.Update power amp 2 final to power amp 3 FinalPlease release beta 3 tomorrow from the beta version and finalize it. Because version 2 is incompatible with Android 6 and 7. Release 3 for beta. Exit beta. Version 3 is from the testing phase. The version is flawless. It's not a matter of time. Please be sure to get official versi
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