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Track number sorting issue (V2 but also in v3)


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This has been happening for me for a while but I'm only reporting it now because I just got the alpha and assumed it may be fixed but it isn't. 

Basically I have a 64g SD full of music, and certain albums won't sort properly. Not all albums, just some. If I check the track numbers they're all OK, but when I sort by track number it's off. in the case where the song titles also start with the track numbers and I sort by name, it works fine, but that's not always the case. 


HTC one m8

Android 4.4.4

Custom Rom Android Revolution HD 22.1

Poweramp alpha build 703 play



Sorry for the external link but there's a file limit here

Let me know if there's more info you need. I could attach the mp3s of offending songs or send them privately if copyright is an issue?  (even though it's for purely diagnostics) 

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