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Lyrics tag in vorbis comment


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Hi all,

I am currently putting lyrics for all songs into the tags of my music collection, but I wonder in which tag Poweramp expects the lyrics to show for the current song.

I am using mp3tag and tried putting the lyrics into the fields 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' and 'LYRICS' - both did result in Poweramp saying it could not find any embedded lyrics.

So which field do I have to use to make Poweramp recognize the embedded lyrics?

All files I use are in Ogg Vorbis format, so the tagging technique is Vorbis Comment.


Thanks for any help!

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Not sure if this helps but...

There appear to be 2 lyrics tags for ogg vorbis. I have attached a link showing the different format fields side by side. I do not see the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag though. However, it is possible to create your own custom tags with ogg vorbis.

The information was taken from:


Perhaps Andre can shed light on whether all/most ogg vorbis tags are implemented in Poweramp?


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Well, MP3 is not an alternative for me, since I found that gapless playback works best with ogg vorbis. I tested MP3, AAC and Vorbis and both MP3 and AAC had short little glitches on the track transition of my test files, and Vorbis is the only format where the transition was really clean and seamless in Poweramp. Don't know if this is a problem of MP3/AAC or Poweramp but still the format of my choice is Ogg Vorbis and I would be happy if support for any kind of lyrics tag would be built in in the future :)


Edit: yes, gapless playback is very important for my. I find it interrupts the album's "flow" if there are glitches between tracks which are meant to fade seamlessly. :D

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