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  1. Hi, as already said in the title I am talking about Poweramp V2, so no v3 alpha etc, I mean the current stable release version. I am currently trying to achieve some technical understanding about DAC, resampling etc and I wonder, if this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.levien.audiobuffersize shows that my devices Native sample rate is 48000, can I assume that no resampling will be done if I would play files sampled at 48000 with Poweramp. or in other words: the app I linked above states that it determines the native sample rate for opensl es applications, now does Poweramp fall under this group of applications? I would find it interesting to get some insight about how Poweramp deals with files at different sample rates and how and when resampling is done. my goal would be to have all my music collection already in the native sample rate when my encoder script targets my phone, so I would be sure that no resampling is used on playback any more, to keep the CPU utilization and battery consumption as low as possible, and maybe to get some nice bias effects like "aww I used this and that awesome resampler"
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    Lyrics tag in vorbis comment

    Well, MP3 is not an alternative for me, since I found that gapless playback works best with ogg vorbis. I tested MP3, AAC and Vorbis and both MP3 and AAC had short little glitches on the track transition of my test files, and Vorbis is the only format where the transition was really clean and seamless in Poweramp. Don't know if this is a problem of MP3/AAC or Poweramp but still the format of my choice is Ogg Vorbis and I would be happy if support for any kind of lyrics tag would be built in in the future Edit: yes, gapless playback is very important for my. I find it interrupts the album's "flow" if there are glitches between tracks which are meant to fade seamlessly.
  3. Hi all, I am currently putting lyrics for all songs into the tags of my music collection, but I wonder in which tag Poweramp expects the lyrics to show for the current song. I am using mp3tag and tried putting the lyrics into the fields 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' and 'LYRICS' - both did result in Poweramp saying it could not find any embedded lyrics. So which field do I have to use to make Poweramp recognize the embedded lyrics? All files I use are in Ogg Vorbis format, so the tagging technique is Vorbis Comment. Thanks for any help!
  4. The current Poweramp v3 already seems to be really good in my eyes. But I totally miss (also in the stable Poweramp versions) some features, which would make the library more beautiful These are: Artist / Album Artist images When you go to the library and select artist or album artist, all artists appear with that same microphone-icon. I'd rather like to see the artist images I used to implement in my music collection. And I think, this would be easy to implement: I think, if people care about things like this, they also care about keeping their music collection nice and tidy. And I think, a common pattern to organize a music collection is following this folder structure: \ArtistName\AlbumName\[optionally some subfolders, i.e. in case of multi disc albums]\Tracks.mp3 Supposing that all (or at least most) songs from a specific artist follow that structure, a possible implementation could be: Take the first track of each album of the artist (to make sure the file path alters where the album folder is). Of course you could also take every track of the artist but I think this could be bad for loading performance, at least for slower devices. compare the file pathes and look for the deepest folder which is still equal for all pathes of the selected tracks Look for an image in that path and use it, if existing, as artist-image An example: We want to get the artist image for the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" So we ask the library for the albums of "Red Hot Chili Peppers" and take the first track of each album. The resultiing pathes are: \Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\Blood Sugar Sex Magik\01 - The Power Of Equality.mp3 \Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\By The Way\01 - By The Way.mp3 \Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\Californication\01 - Around The World.mp3 And so on... Comparing the strings, and getting the part that equals in all pathes we get: \Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\ So now, we can search for image files in that folder and use it as artist image. In my case, the image file is named "artist.jpg". Another cool thing that comes to my mind right now, would be, if multiple artist images are found, show them all successively, like a little diashow, in random order. I hope I'm not the only one who would like such functionality. View Artist as grid Especially if the above described artist image would be implemented, it would be nice if it was possible to view the artist / album artist view as grid, like the album view. So the artist images would be larger than in the list view. View album image next to the track in the "All Songs" view The title already says everything. To quickly see, from which album a track in the "All Songs" list comes, it would be nice to see the album thumbnail there. Playing the queue after the current list, if playing "all songs", is useless Sometimes, when I listen to an album, I think "okay, another album xy is really cool and I want to listen to that, after the current album is finished". That is why I told Poweramp queue in the settings, to play the queue after the current list (folder/album/playlist etc.). I think, this is good for all cases, except when playing "all songs". If I do the latter, there are more than 3000 songs to be played, which means if I pick a song that I want to be played next, it actually never gets played until I go to the settings and set the queue settings to "play queue after current song". But than, the other way around, this is not the behaviour I prefer, when listening to an album. In that case, I always want to finish listening to the album, before any other content from the queue is played, no matter if there is a single song in the queue or another album. So, an extra setting for the queue would be nice. I think, the best would be, providing different settings for the use cases: When playing a list (folder, album, playlist etc), you could select between playing the queue either after "the current song", "the current list" or "instantly" When not playing a list (playing all songs from the library), you could select between playing the queue after "the current song" or "instantly". the option "current list" is useless in this case, i think View album year in album list When I am navigating through the library and select an artist, its albums pop up. Okay. Nice. Now, what I really like in apps like spotify or phonograph, is, that the albums of the artist are sorted by year, and the year is viewed. I find it interesting to see, how old the different albums are, looking at the album view like some kind of discography from a specific artist. So, it would be nice to see the year there, though it's already possible to sort the albums by year. Oh, and I just realized, that if I invert the year sorting, the sorting actually gets messed up. In case of Alter Bridge, the albums should be sorted that way: One Day Remains [Released 2004] Blackbird [Released 2007] AB III [Released 2010] Fortress [Released 2013] Okay. Now, I select the "Invert" checkbox in the sorting dialog, so I want to see the latest album "Fortress" first, but the actual result will be: One Day Remains [2004] Fortress [2013] Blackbird [2007] AB III [2010] I can't imagine what kind of sorting "key" is used there. Looks like it's actually messed up as soon as I invert sorting.