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Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!


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Hi again

Thanks for the feedback. So like Andre said I've installed and updated my version of Poweramp to build 704. Unfortunately the Hi-res option output still fails to appear. This is only an alpha version suppose to have some bugs. Probably androidexpert35 was right. 

Nevertheless thanks. Probably nothing more to do now but wait  


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I had posted one in the High Res Requests thread , my xperia x had same problem.

On 02/27/2017 at 4:12 PM, andrewilley said:

Please can anyone for whom high-res output gets broken by a new/updated ROM check to make sure that the appropriate information has also been posted in the High Res Requests thread so it does not get missed amongst assorted other threads? Thanks.



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Hi, it happened for me as well after upgrading my Lenovo K6 Note to Android 7.0. Poweramp was 703 after the upgrade, and after downloading and installing version 704, Hi-Res came back :-)


Edit: But this time it fails when I try to enable it...... On Android 6.0 it was working fine...

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